japanese frogskins

  1. 702baby

    WTAPS Frogskins

    WTAPS x Oakley Summer 2016 Frogskin Sunglasses | BallerStatus.com WTAPS and Oakley Bring It Back to 1985 With the Re-Release of the Frogskins Sunglasses
  2. P

    Real or Fake First Generation Frogskins?

    I recently picked up these Oakley Frogskins from a second hand store. I've heard about the first generation Frogskins that were made in Japan and I'm hoping they're authentic. What do you think?
  3. U

    For Sale  $95 Pilgrim Beams Frogskins

    Got 4 pairs, all BNIB and complete, $95 shipped to CONUS PayPal F&F or add the 4%. No trades.
  4. joshviiv

    Japanese Gen 1's

    picked up these beauties. poor woman had no idea what she was holding onto, bought them in the late 80s, never wore them. i got them for $70AUD ;) original microfiber bag and all!