jawbone; racing jacket; lens

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    Buying  Clear Frame Jawbone/Racing Jacket

    Looking for a clear frame Jawbone (I think they were part of the livestrong line), preferably for one that has not yellowed over time (they tend to do so after a while).
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    Low Light lenses in a prescription?

    I’m looking to find out if the ‘Low Light’ lenses are available in prescription? I was told today that they aren’t, but surely this isn’t the case? I am ideally after the vented Racing Jacket/Jawbone, but would take the Radar EV’s if I have to...whatever can take the prescription.
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    Buying  RJ/Jawbone Lenses; +Red, 00 RIP, vr28

    In search of Jawbone + Split/Racing Jacket lenses, new or used, just not beat. Would also consider comparable tints from Linegear or Custom Cut Toric Examples. Up to trade or outright purchase, just let me know what you got. Thanks!
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    Buying  WTB Jawbone Lens

    Hi, I'm looking for lens for my jawbones? Vented would be great. Thanks