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    Sold Jawbone/Racing Jacket Persimmon Lens

    Jawbone/Racing Jacket Persimmon lens. Unused. Very good condition. $30 shipped.
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    Buying Clear Frame Jawbone/Racing Jacket

    Looking for a clear frame Jawbone (I think it was part of the livestrong line), preferably for one that has not yellowed over time (they tend to do so after a while). Posted this in another forum, but I guess, it belongs here. Anyway, please PM me if you got one for sale.
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    Sold STPL Jawbone

    Complete set with both lenses, baggies, and box. These have been on display and have some discoloration of the earsocks. Otherwise mint condition. $200usd shipped within North America.
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    Buying Clear Frame Jawbone/Racing Jacket

    Looking for a clear frame Jawbone (I think they were part of the livestrong line), preferably for one that has not yellowed over time (they tend to do so after a while).
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    Trading Jawbone/ Racing jacket Jaw to trade

    Looking to trade my new Jaw (from Fathom Racing Jacket) to a Cardinal or Team Dark Green Jaws. Preferably to deal w/in Canada & US only to save on shipping fees.
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    Sold Racing Jackets - Matte Black w/ G30 Polar and BI

    I have a pair of Racing Jackets that I decided to part with... I'm not sure I want to get rid of them but I have only worn them probably two times ever. Otherwise, they sit in my case and look awesome... Frame: Matte Black Jaws: Polished Black Lenses: Black Iridium and G30 Iridium Polarized...
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    Found Looking for Jawbone / Racing Jacket Team Dark Green Frame

    Looking for Jawbone / Racing Jacket Team Dark Green Frame. Preferred with matching Jaws. Doesn’t need to be w/ lens, socks or bolts. Thanks! Photo CTTO
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    For Sale Jawbone Green (Vented) W/ +Red Iridium “Jupiter Camo Collection”

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome Jawbone Green (Vented) W/ +Red Iridium “Jupiter Camo Collection” they are used but with a lot of love, the frame is like new, without marks or scratches, the lenses are used with signs, but they are still good to be used, bring the original frog etched on...
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    Sold Jawbone BMX Chrome (Vented) / Persimmon / Jade #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale this awesome bmx jawbone in used condition, The frame is in very good condition, some signs of use, but the chrome is complete, it is not chipped anywhere, unfortunately they do not have all the lenses, it brings some persimmon lenses that can be used and other Jade lenses that...
  10. me with jawbone

    me with jawbone

    me with my first glasses for oakley, jawbone livestrong, here in Brazil we think he is very handsome.
  11. jawbone3


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    Buying Double thread, please delete

    Double thread, please delete. My apolologies!
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    Found RJ/Jawbone/SpJ bolt cap, white

    got it. Please lock/delete
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    Sold Jawbone CUSTOM blue red and white frame w/ blue iridium polarized / H.I. Yellow / Clear Black Photochromatic

    Hello OF for sale this custom jawbone in used condition, the blue lenses have many signs of wear I rated on 04/10, the frame, the photocromantic and the yellow lenses is in very mint condition 9,8/10 with out any scratchers, the white earshoks they are a bit discolored but not broken and in good...
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    Sold Jawbone, Flak, M2, Half Jacket

    Jawbone, Flak, M2, Half Jacket All the frames are new. M2 Matte Fog $55 SKU: OO9212-03 M2 XL Redline 1 $55 M2 XL Polished White 1 $ 55 SKU:OO9343-05 M2 XL Polished White $55 SKU:OO9343-07 $55 Half Jacket Plasma 2 $60 Half jacket Black 1 $50 Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polished Navy $65 Flak Jacket...
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    Sold Lot 46 Jawbone Microfiber Bags

    Lot 46 Jawbone Microfiber Bags. Brand new microfiber bags. Lot Price $ 190 Free shipping to USA Pay by Paypal
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    Sold Lot Jawbone Team Blue, Alinghi, Retina Burn, Racing

    Lot Jawbone Team Blue, Alinghi, Retina Burn, Racing. Jawbone Frame Team blue Frame in perfect condition, good condition tires, lenses with a few slight scratches. No marks or stains on the frame, the screws are intact. (Includes case, bag and Custom micro fiber box) Jawbone Frame alinghi...
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    Sold Frames Jawbone

    Both frames are in good condition. the stems are firm, the nasal rubber is in good condition. no scratches The green frame has lost paint on the outside of the screw. (to see photos) If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible...
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    Sold Jupiter Camo Jawbone QUICK SALE $55 SHIPPED

    For sale is a pair of USED Jupiter camo Jawbones! Both sets of lenses, (both used, show scratches), vault and micro bag (not Jupiter camo). Asking $55 shipped! Hoping for a sale today.
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    Sold Racing Jacket - Custom - VR28 Blue / Grey

    Racing Jacket in a custom blend of Orange, Purple, Maroon, Grey an a hint of Green. The frames are quite clean with no obvious blemish marks. Black Jaws are nearly spotless with no heavy signs of wear same goes for the black Bolts. Icons are relatively clean but the left one does have a small...
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    Buying Jawbone/Racing jacket team red jaws

    I need a pair of team red jaws for Jawbones (Racing Jackets) in new or great (no scratches) condition. PM me if you have any for sale, thanks.
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    Sold Jawbone Metallic Team Blue w/ +Red

    I ended up with two Team Blue Metallic frames so I'm looking to rehome one of them. Aside from some small flaws noted below, they need nothing and are ready to be enjoyed as-is. Will consider cash or trade offers if someone were interest in just the frames, or upper/temple team blue pieces, just...
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    Low Light lenses in a prescription?

    I’m looking to find out if the ‘Low Light’ lenses are available in prescription? I was told today that they aren’t, but surely this isn’t the case? I am ideally after the vented Racing Jacket/Jawbone, but would take the Radar EV’s if I have to...whatever can take the prescription.
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    Buying Jawbone VR50 Ruby Photochromic

    Looking for the Jawbone VR50 Ruby Photochromic lens set, to either purchase or trade for. The lens on it's own would be great, but a pair of Echelon or other colorway with the lenses would work as well. Thanks
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    Sold Racing Jacket / Jawbone - Black Persimmon Iridium Transitions Lens

    Black Persimmon Iridium Vented Transitions Lenses There's no flaws that I can see to them, tried capturing photos of them in various states of transition. Outside photos in frames are in a mostly activated state - weather conditions were overcast. Field Of View they're a dark-persimmon; if...
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    For Sale 2013 Oakley Jawbone BNIB

    Brand New in Box - new old stock. 2013 Jawbone Sunglasses. These were purchased from Oakley Vault and never worn. These are not the original boxes. As you can see from the receipt I got them mixed up. But they are BNIB...just the wrong box. Asking £150 including shipping and insurance (UK and...
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    Oakley Jawbone Label Question

    Need a little help: Back in 2013 I purchased two pairs of Oakley Jawbones. They are still NIB and I've decided to sell them but....when I look at the label it says "D-MPH Jawbone Matte Black w/Grey Vntd" but....they do not have vented lenses which is what I assumed "Vntd" means. And yet, I still...
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    Buying Racing Jacket / Split Jacket - Beater Frames

    Have cash or could offer some trades, let me know what you have. Complete Beater Used Upper/Temples Jaws/Bolts/Icons Particular interest in Pearl White BMX Chrome Team Red Matte White Silver / Gray Thanks
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    Sold Jawbone Jupiter Camo

    Jawbone Jupiter Camo (complete) frame in excellent condition 9.5 Lenses red in excellent condition 9.5 / 10 yellow lenses with some scratches 8/10 Price $ 135 Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal
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    Sold Pearl Jawbone w/ (2) Black Ird + Yellow + Polar Purple | Trade 4 Split/Racing Jacket

    OCP Pearl White Jawbone w/ Black Iridium Vented Lenses Looking to trade them for Split Jacket or Racing Jacket to utilize wind gasket with, otherwise looking to sell. For Trades - I can include BI vented lenses + Revant Solid Polar Purple lenses, or none... Up to you if you want to include...