1. Fables

    Buying Jawbone/Racing jacket team red jaws

    I need a pair of team red jaws for Jawbones (Racing Jackets) in new or great (no scratches) condition. PM me if you have any for sale, thanks.
  2. BoostBear

    Sold Jawbone Metallic Team Blue w/ +Red

    I ended up with two Team Blue Metallic frames so I'm looking to rehome one of them. Aside from some small flaws noted below, they need nothing and are ready to be enjoyed as-is. Will consider cash or trade offers if someone were interest in just the frames, or upper/temple team blue pieces, just...
  3. D

    Low Light lenses in a prescription?

    I’m looking to find out if the ‘Low Light’ lenses are available in prescription? I was told today that they aren’t, but surely this isn’t the case? I am ideally after the vented Racing Jacket/Jawbone, but would take the Radar EV’s if I have to...whatever can take the prescription.
  4. BoostBear

    Buying Jawbone VR50 Ruby Photochromic

    Looking for the Jawbone VR50 Ruby Photochromic lens set, to either purchase or trade for. The lens on it's own would be great, but a pair of Echelon or other colorway with the lenses would work as well. Thanks
  5. BoostBear

    Sold Racing Jacket / Jawbone - Black Persimmon Iridium Transitions Lens

    Black Persimmon Iridium Vented Transitions Lenses There's no flaws that I can see to them, tried capturing photos of them in various states of transition. Outside photos in frames are in a mostly activated state - weather conditions were overcast. Field Of View they're a dark-persimmon; if...
  6. R

    For Sale 2013 Oakley Jawbone BNIB

    Brand New in Box - new old stock. 2013 Jawbone Sunglasses. These were purchased from Oakley Vault and never worn. These are not the original boxes. As you can see from the receipt I got them mixed up. But they are BNIB...just the wrong box. Asking £150 including shipping and insurance (UK and...
  7. R

    Oakley Jawbone Label Question

    Need a little help: Back in 2013 I purchased two pairs of Oakley Jawbones. They are still NIB and I've decided to sell them but....when I look at the label it says "D-MPH Jawbone Matte Black w/Grey Vntd" but....they do not have vented lenses which is what I assumed "Vntd" means. And yet, I still...
  8. BoostBear

    Buying Racing Jacket / Split Jacket - Beater Frames

    Beater Jawbone or Split/Racing Jackets for customization Can be mismatched arms or jaws. Color isn't that important, but matte white would be preference. Would also be interested in loose parts or frames w/o jaws. Have cash or could offer some trades, let me know what you have. Thanks
  9. Tejada

    Sold Jawbone Jupiter Camo

    Jawbone Jupiter Camo (complete) frame in excellent condition 9.5 Lenses red in excellent condition 9.5 / 10 yellow lenses with some scratches 8/10 Price $ 135 Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal
  10. BoostBear

    Sold Pearl Jawbone w/ (2) Black Ird + Yellow + Polar Purple | Trade 4 Split/Racing Jacket

    OCP Pearl White Jawbone w/ Black Iridium Vented Lenses Looking to trade them for Split Jacket or Racing Jacket to utilize wind gasket with, otherwise looking to sell. For Trades - I can include BI vented lenses + Revant Solid Polar Purple lenses, or none... Up to you if you want to include...
  11. SouLFuLFroG

    Sold 2 custom switchlocks... rj and jawbone

    Looking to sell both of these for $153.50 each. Obo. Everything is brand new. Done and finished up today.. USA splatter sold.. Potential interested candidates @Beardo0628 @TheDukeOfIce @cacatman @Cutch22 @JawboneJuliet USA splatter fade prizm road vented Ripped Camo black iridium...
  12. Sushobhon Samuel Morrison

    Ruby Vr50 photochromic

    Hi O fam, i really like the look of ruby vr50 photochromic, want to buy one in the jawbone, but the seller has infrared frame instead of echelon frame. So, my question is how will the combo look? I never had jawbone in my collection, so it will be my first pair in my collection. If any...
  13. TravisCook

    Sold Jawbone Pol. Black w/BI

    For sale is a pair of USED Jawbone’s. Polished black frame with Black Iridium (non polarized). SKU 26-223 The glasses are USED and show signs of wear. The lenses installed do have some scratches that might impair vision slightly. Included with the sale of the glasses will be a Jawbone Soft...
  14. Millertime2598

    What color Jawbone is this?

    Can't find this color frame on O-Review, but I know it's authentic Oakley.
  15. Tejada

    Sold Jawbone Retina Burn

    Jawbone Retina Burn Frame in good condition, scratched lenses. Price $ 75 Free shipping to the USA pay by Paypal.
  16. Tejada

    Sold Jawbone Jupiter Camo

    Jawbone Jupiter Camo frame in excellent condition, lenses with some scratches 8/10 Price $ 120 free shipping to usa Pay by Paypal
  17. Tejada

    Sold Jawbone (Beater)

    Jawbone Price $ 42 free shipping to usa Pay by Paypal
  18. Tejada

    Sold Jawbone Jupiter Camo (Complete)

    Jawbone Jupiter Camo (Complete) Frame and lenses in good condition 9/10 Price $ 215 free shipping to usa pay by Paypal
  19. Tejada

    Sold Jawbone Jupiter Camo (Complete)

    Jawbone Jupiter Camo (Complete) Frame and lenses in good condition 9/10 Price $ 215> $190 free shipping to usa pay by Paypal
  20. cacatman

    🦘Who else loves collecting Jawbones or New Racing Jackets?

    I do! And I know that these guys do, too!!:- @Beardo0628 @Brdmn70 @BoostBear @Chris515000 @Dallas O Hog @dh4645 @illumination @JawboneJuliet @MicahS @mjt42 @Nortika @oakleybezerk @pjd1234 @Raptor @Rcga32 @SoulFulFrog @SpliceD @the_owl @TheLug @Tidezealot @Wavecloud
  21. SouLFuLFroG

    Found Bmx jawbone

    Hi all looking for a pair to kill. If you've got a complete, mint, beater, whatever bmx wise I am in need of another frame. I will either use these if I find a replacement minty pair or hopefully a beater that needs new life. I have a project in mind I must try to take to new heights. Again I...
  22. BoostBear

    Sold Jawbone +Red P/Fire/HI Yellow/Blue

    Custom Matte Black Jawbones w/ polished white icons. Purple jaws were added recently in superb shape, the frames show some light marks while the tips of the arms show the most visible signs of wear, the socks were very recently replaced with a genuine pair - the icons and bolts have small...
  23. Z

    Jawbone lenses

    Hi all, I used to work at Oakley Europe hq in Zurich and I won these Jawbone lenses, etched with ‘5’, which represented Oakley’s 5 core values - I can’t remember what they are. I know of only 5 pairs (in Europe) with this etching and they were never sold. They were only available internally...
  24. SouLFuLFroG

    For Sale 1 Jawbone and 2 RJs Soulful style

    Listing a few custom pairs I dont use. I figure maybe someone can enjoy them.. 1) neon purpleberry with colorshift icons and through bolts white rubbers, and prizm trail mint lenses never used. Racing Jacket 145 gets em 2) purple/cyan and gold metallic paint polished clear coat. Purple...
  25. esdopedoen

    Buying Jawbone/Racing Jacket Lenses

    Hi, I'm looking for Jawbone lenses. I'd rather prefer vented ones and rather darker. I'm from Poland so please include shipping costs. Thanks for the offers:)
  26. A

    Legit check, livestrong racing jacket

    Hi, can someone please legit check this recent purchase of mine. I know there was jawbone livestrong, my issue is that my purchase is livestrong racing jacket It has all the proper documentations and it even has extra pair of silver Oakley icon.
  27. TravisCook

    Deal Jawbones

    For sale I have three more pairs of Jawbones. 1.) Infared Jawbone 04-210 with grey vented lenses. Earsocks are in great shape. Frame is in really good shape except for three minor paint chips that I could see. Two on the outer right jaw. One on the inside of the left arm in between the B and O...
  28. TravisCook

    Lemon Peel Jawbone

    Finally made my first purchase on Mercari. A pair of Lemon Peel Jawbone’s. Looks like grey lens, with the yellow lens. Has hard case and microbag with it. It was a fair price and I don’t see those ones come up for sale too often. Going to sell a pair of my Jupiter Camo Jawbones though. Anybody...
  29. W

    Walleva Prescription Lenses for Oakley Frames

    Hi fellows, We just released a series of prescription lenses for the Oakley frames: Order Prescription Lenses Batwolf, Flak 2.0, Flak 2.0 XL, Flak Jacket, Flak Jacket XLJ, Flak Jacket XLJ Vented, Gascan, Half Jacket, Half Jacket 2.0 XL, Half Jacket XLJ, Half Jacket, XLJ Vented, Hijinx...
  30. SouLFuLFroG

    SOULFULFROG's Racing Jacket & Jawbone collection

    I think it's time I show what ones I have. On my been into this style frame for about 6 months.. I sold a couple but most are here. I think now I have all the colors I really want so I'll prob just look for beaters and paint them.