jc serial

  1. SiRacer420

    JC "Corvette" Juliet List

    Updated by @cacatman 31st December, 2022 Please note - The list for JC "Corvette" Juliets will be maintained by @Spc369 at the new location here -> JC "Corvette" Juliet List Now that I have one, I'm curious how many we have amongst us. Just post your number and if you have the matching box...
  2. SiRacer420

    Peer pressure

    Peer pressure is a mother. The last few weeks there was bit of talk about the JC serial or so called "Corvette" Juliet. This has been a grail for me for quite some time. I don't really care for the carbon frame too much, and the 24K lenses never really impressed me, but together they are...