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    Sold  New Straight Jacket II Jet Black / Black Iridium #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale this New Straight Jacket II Jet Black Frame with Black Iridium lenses, with very little used, the frame has any signs of wear, the lenses are perfect without scratches, the rubbers are still in perfect condition, comes with microbag. SKU: 04-325 frame 8,5/10 Lenses 9/10...
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    Sold  M Frame jet Black w/ slatte Iridium “ GOLF - Sweep “ #SOLD

    Hello Ofamily for sale this BNIB GOLF MFrame jet black frame with slate lenses, don’t have defects and comes complete with box papers and bag, I have cleaned and disinfected them completely. SKU: 09-608 Condition: BNIB All Is 10/10 Price: $120 the glasses + $30 for the fees and shipping. $150...
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    For Sale  Half Jacket 1.0 Jet Black / Black Iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale this half jacket 1.0 Jet black frame wit black iridium lenses, have been used a couple of times, the right lense have one scratcher of 1mm see the pics, don’t affect the vision, the other lense is perfect. Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 price: $85 allin Paypal g&s (...
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    Sold  Racing Jacket (Gen 2) Jet Black w/ Persimmon

    Hello OF for sale Racing Jacket (Gen 2) Jet Black frame with Persimmon lenses, in used condition but they are in a great state, they have some signs of use but very superficial they are very good, came with microbag only. Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 Price: $110 + $40 for the shipping...
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    Sold  Like new Minute Gen2 jet black w/ emerald iridium lenses

    Hello OF for sale this elegant minute gen 2 jet black with emerald lenses, used twice to take pictures, they are perfect, in like new condition, the lenses have no scratches or marks, the frame the rubbers and the icons are perfect too, comes complete with the box, papers and the bag. SKU...
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    For Sale  Minute Jet Black w/ light blue lens (Gen 2) “COMPLETE”

    Hello OF for sale this lovely combination jet black frame with light blue lenses, I used 3 times, very good condition. Have little cleaning marks very low, the rubbers like the first day, blue logos, all is original and came complete with box papers and bag. SKU: 12-615 Frame 9/10...
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    Sold  Twenty xx jet black / Ruby

    Twenty xx Jet Black / Ruby The frame and the rubber is in excellent condition. the lenses have small scratches that do not affect the vision 8.5 / 10 Price $ 120 Pay by Paypal Free shipping to the USA
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    Sold  Racing jacket jet black / black w/ gold iridium (Gen1)

    Hello OFamily other one racing for sale this time the jet black with black rubbers and gold iridium lenses with out any use, don’t have scrachers, the logo in the nose bridgue is little peling wen cleaning the frame 2 years a go, long years here and see very sexy like the first day lolll...
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    Sold  Straight jacket New, Jet Black - Orange Flames w/ Fire Iridium Polarized

    Hello One more jewel :) straight jacket New in very good condition the lenses have little wear marks but is very low and nothing disturb the vision, all is oem, i put with strait jacket new box but is for other sku the label is little off but the label of the sky still good...
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    For Sale  Water Jacket jet black w/ vr28 SKU: 04-675

    Hello all for sale other water jacket this time a jet black w/ vr28, is brad new with box, have a little defect the paint is little peling under let orbital, is very low and difficult to see, look pics, the rest is perfect. Description: BNIBWD SKU: 04-675 Lenses 10/10 Frame 9,9/10...
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    Sold  WTS BNIB GOLF New M-Frame Sweep jet Black w/ slatte Iridium sku#09-608

    Hi all for sale This awasome BNIB golf M-Frame Sweep jet Black frame with slate Iridium lenses, Is complete And New "made in usa" i can't say more :) All Is 10/10 Price $270 g&s Allin shipping included Thanks For look.
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    Sold  BNIB Minute Jet Black w/ light blue lens SKU: 12-615

    Hi O-family i have two of this awasome frame and i decided to sell one, Is brad new and come complete with all. SKU: 12-615 Price 135 g&s in paypal with shipping included.