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  1. U

    Sold  Lot Juliet beaters

    Lot juliet beaters. Serials: JG 004302 JE 022949A JI 019564 Some bring their tires in good condition. 5 juliet, 3 coins, 5 adjustment pleasers. (lenses in poor condition 2/10.) Price $ 950 Shipping free by DHL Pay by Paypal
  2. SiRacer420

    Juliet 04-112 X Metal Gold Iridium JG serial

    I've been on the hunt for this beast for a hot minute. I've seen several come up for sale but they're never complete and always expensive. I've only seen one or two with the matching serial box, one owned by @Carrera1963. When I saw his, I knew I had to hold out for the matched set. It's one of...