jim jannard

  1. MJLSr

    Everything Changes

    https://h4vuser.net/t/everything-changes/10600 Greetings Jim, If you happen to see this here on OF... Glad to hear this in a way - it must have been such a long ride. I cannot imagine... Thank you for your time and efforts over the years! Good Luck and Take Care!
  2. xmetal40

    Red Hydrogen phone

    Just viewed the information regarding the phone, but it’s limited to a certain degree. Selling this month and shipping soon, IIRC. Any cell phone or tech people out there with information? I’m curious because Jim Jannard still operates Red. He’s very involved with this release. Thanks for any...
  3. OakleyBoss

    Naked Man Breaks into Oakley Founders Jim Jannard's House

    Very interesting read where a naked man broke into Oakley Founders Jim Jannard's Beverly Hill's house, but apparently the robber thought he was breaking into Paris Jacksons' house - guess he wasn't a fan of Oakleys! Article link: Naked Man Breaks into Oakley Founder's Home, Blames Paris Jackson...
  4. jp_isoakley

    Longtime addict, never enough time to collect.

    Love seeing everyone's arsenal
  5. Claustin

    The Holy Grail I didn't know I needed...

    So I went online looking for a good Pit Boss I and Romeo I. I found some nice PB's but then came here to consult the Fake/Real thread. That's when my search got completely derailed. I never ended up buying Romeos but found a (couple) pretty decent pairs of Juliets (among other things). First...
  6. BriP

    Questions For Jim Jannard!

    Welcome Jim to the forum.. thanks for taking time out to join us and good luck on your quest to fill in the gaps in your museum. First off im sure the collectors out there would be glad to help you, and ive sent you a list of my NIB items you may be interested in. As you stated in your...