jordan mars

  1. Gabriel Clemente

    Mars Jordan Good condition

    Hello O'brothers!!! Got a good deal this last week of the year, Mars Jordan Serial M*002175 In good conditions, lenses i'd say 7,5/10 frame 9/10 ~~~~/Paid 500U$D came only with bag no box. Will Update More photos soon! Thanks for watching! Wish all O'brothers a very prosperous 2018...
  2. U

    Sold Mars Jordan ( leather ) 625$ quick!

    For quick sale. Mars leather. Leather 8/10. Frame 9/10. Rubbers 8/10. Lenses 9/10. Set has plenty of life still. Looking for a quick sale 700$ ->625$ SOLD glasses only. Thanks for checking!
  3. U

    Buying Searching for Jordan Mars NIB, C SIX Carbon and Aluminum

    I am looking for the Jordan Mars, C Six Carbon and Aluminum all must be NIB .. lower the edition the more I am willing to pay. I want my unicorn .. Thanks so much,