jordan mars

  1. U

    Sold  Leather/Jordan Mars

    Guess we all reach a time in our collecting where we look at stuff we don't wear and decide it's time to move it along. My time has come on these. Selling my Leather Mars. Glasses are in excellent condition! They've honestly just been sitting in my case or in the box for the last 10+ years...
  2. Gabriel Clemente

    Mars Jordan Good condition

    Hello O'brothers!!! Got a good deal this last week of the year, Mars Jordan Serial M*002175 In good conditions, lenses i'd say 7,5/10 frame 9/10 ~~~~/Paid 500U$D came only with bag no box. Will Update More photos soon! Thanks for watching! Wish all O'brothers a very prosperous 2018...
  3. U

    Sold  Mars Jordan ( leather ) 625$ quick!

    For quick sale. Mars leather. Leather 8/10. Frame 9/10. Rubbers 8/10. Lenses 9/10. Set has plenty of life still. Looking for a quick sale 700$ ->625$ SOLD glasses only. Thanks for checking!
  4. U

    Buying  Searching for Jordan Mars NIB, C SIX Carbon and Aluminum

    I am looking for the Jordan Mars, C Six Carbon and Aluminum all must be NIB .. lower the edition the more I am willing to pay. I want my unicorn .. Thanks so much,