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    Sold Juliet Plasma w/ Ti Clear, Japan Exclusive, full set

    Juliet Plasma with Titanium Clear, Titanium etched, Japan Exclusive full set Serial: JPPL1961 - Frame: is very good. I can’t find any scratch, 9/10 - Lenses: Oem Titanium Clear in very good condition, Titanium etched on left lens. 9/10 - Rubber: Oem in very good condition. TS 15 & Nosepad...
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    For Sale C-six (SOLD) and Serial Matching Juliet (very rare) JPPL! Titanium/lenses.

    Up for sale lnib C-Six complete. No damage or marks anywhere on glasses internals or presentation box 9.5/10 or better asking 2,100$->2050$ Obro including all shipping and fees. I Can send as Gift also. PST with questions and offers. Thank you!:) Up for sale a gem that is often unavailable...