1. U

    For Sale Let’s make a deal!! Oakley watch collection all must go

    I've been selling my brother's Oakley watch collection for him. This is what’s left, and EVERYTHING MUST GO. Each watch has discounted asking prices, not including shipping. All available watches are pictured with labels below. All watches are in used as is condition unless otherwise noted, but...
  2. U

    Buying Buying Oakley Jury watch, New or Like new in box

    Hi All, Looking to buy an Oakley jury watch... Must be new or like new in box. Let me know if you are selling Thanks!
  3. Will619

    Honed judge leather strap $250 new never worn

    Honed Judge black &white face with a black leather band. New, never worn. Plastic still on watch. leather strap in excellent condition . Battery is going to need to be replaced since it was sitting in my closet . Instructions still sealed. Slight peeling in back of watch case from opening...
  4. M

    Hello Oakley Family

    Hello Oakley friends. Just joined forum today. Have been a fan of the Oakey watches. Have a few watches and always looking to expand my collection. I am also hoping someone can point me in the direction of acquiring a bezel for the Kill switch watch. Unfortunately my bezel popped off and I...
  5. U

    Buying Judge leather band

    I know it's a long shot but does anyone have any leather watch bands for the judge or jury?
  6. U

    Sold Stealth judge/ Kevlar wallet

    Hey everyone I'm continuing to sell some stuff I don't have use for ! Today I have a Kevlar wallet and a credit card insert I would like to keep these together as a set even though they don't go together price is 55 OBO shopped Paypal G&S The second is 3 stealth judge links in new condition! I...
  7. Fernando

    My first judge I

    Yesterday arrived My first judge I Polished I love its design, irresistible curves, Like New, I'm very happy :rolleyes: Stainless Steel Polished / Copper Dial SKU: 10-163
  8. U

    Buying Stealth Judge Links

    As the title says, I'm looking for a couple Stealth Judge 1 links. I'm almost positive the Stealth GMT would also work. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance!!