juliet ducati

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    Sold  Juliet Ducati 04-159

    Juliet Ducati 04-159 Frame in good condition. paint loss in some areas. (to see photos) needs tuning. Includes a completely new rubber set, currency papers, Ducati microfiber bag. (Does not include the lenses.) If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will...
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    Sold  Juliet Ducati X Metal (Only Frame)

    Juliet Ducati XM Frame in good condition, some slight scratches, rubbers in regular condition. The nasal bridge needs tuning If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $ 220 Free shipping to usa Pay by Paypal
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    Sold  Oakley Juliet x-metal ducati

    For sale non serial oakley juliet xmetal as descriptions. Frame : very clean xmetal non serial no minor users marks Lens mounting : brand new oakley gray iridium. Nosebridge has been tune up with new earshock black linegear. What included with this set : Like new conditions oakley black...
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    Sold  More metals: HalX (sold), LNIB juliet Ducati, bnib Xsquared polished vr28

    Hello all for sale this metals. 1) HalfX carbon w/ black Iridium polarized SKU: 12-945 Condition LNIB All 10/10 Like new and partial complete, only missing the outside of the box that are two pieces Price $350 #SOLD 2) Xsquared polished w/ vr28 black Iridium polarized SKU: OO6011-05...
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    Sold  Bnob Juliet ducati carbon w/ black iridium 2gen serialized #SOLD

    Hello all, for sale a brad new Juliet Ducati carbon frame 2gen with black iridium lenses, all is perfect don't have wear or defect, came with Xmetal case only, don't have box coin or bag. Description: brad new / BNOB Serial DUCATI 02143 Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Nose bridge...
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    Sold  juliet ducati xmetal w/ black iridium Conplete&maching box " need love " #SOLD

    Condition: USED / NEED LOVE SKU: 12-636 Frame 8/10 Lenses 5/10 Nose pads 8/10 Earshocks 10/10 New Nose bridge 0/10 lost need tune-Up Ducati Need love complete And maching Box used set, lenses have Marks And signes OF wear, frame good need tune-Up, in The pics Dont Have red earshocks But i add a...
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    Sold  WTS MINT Juliet Ducati Xmetal w/ Black iridium Serialized Complete SKU: 12-636 #SOLD

    Hi All For sale One OF My spare Juliet Ducati Xmetal with Black iridium lenses complete, Mint maching Box with The serial OF The arm And All Is Oem, with normal bag, xtra New 25red t-shocks, coin. The Inside The Box Is little bad, Have 15 t-shock intalled And nose bridge still firm in the...
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    Sold  juliet Ducati xmetal w/ black iridium " serialized frame " need love #SOLD

    Hi o-family... For sale Juliet Ducati serialized frame, can Still use But need love ( need tu-up ), Left lense have scratcher but no very bad don't affect too much, Right lense free of scratche, the frame and rubbers Still good, came with mf-bag only, All Is Oem. Condition...
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    Sold  Juliet Ducati accessories

    Alright here we go another shot at selling. I'm new at this so if I need to take better pictures or you have any tips feel free to let me know. Trying to make this as painless as possible. Juliet OEM Ducati etched lens, 2 "specks" on left lens in the corner closer to the nose piece (out of...
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    Sold  Bnib Juliet Ducati carbon w/ black iridium " Limited Edition " #SOLD

    Hi O-family juliet Ducati need house, Is BNIB 4gen Carbon frame with Black Iridium lenses. All Is New. Sku#12-673 Price $550 $490 g&s Allin Paypal shipping with tracking included. I'll upload more photos later. Thanks For look
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    Sold  Mint Juliet Ducati Carbon w/ Black Iridium #SOLD

    hi all, For sale This Juliet Ducati Carbon with Black Iridium lenses, 4 gen, in mint condition, the frame and lenses don't have scrachers, nose bridge have little moviment but nothin serious still very good, came with micro fiber bag only. Frame 10/10 Lenses 9,8/10 Nose bridge...
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    Sold  BNIB Juliet Ducati Carbon w/ Black Iridium Límited Edition #SOLD

    Hi O-family very little I can say about this gem, Ducati need house, Is BNIB 4gen Carbon frame with Black Iridium lenses, I need cash only and I have to let her go. All Is New. Price 450 + 50 For shipping with tracking and insurance. Thanks For look
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    Sold  Juliet Ducati carbon black iridium * SOLD *

    Hello everyone, I put on sale one of my Ducati carbón with black iridium lenses, dont have serial number, the frame has no marks or bumps is perfect, the nose bridge has a bit of movement but no need tuneup ( It has a little more movement from one place to another but little can be used...