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  1. U

    Sold Ichiro Juliet Polished w/ Slate Ird Ichiro etched - 360$

    Hi all, A very nice Ichiro for you to grab. Full disclosure below: Frame: Polished frame is beautiful. 8.5/10 Lenses: Slate with Ichiro etched on left lens, 5/10. A lot of small cleaning marks. It is very hard to capture by camera. Recommended to change! However can still be used. Rubber: New...
  2. Linegear Japan

    Need info: Juliet Xmetal Ichiro World Champ 06

    Hey Ichiro connoisseur, I can not find any info on the web regarding this pair of Ichiro Juliet. Specs below: Frame: Xmetal finish with straight stems Lenses: slate mirror, with Ichiro etched on left lens Left stem: Ichiro Champ 06 Right stem: Ichiro 06 0934 Q1: double serial on stems, oem or...