juliet plasma 1g

  1. G

    Juliet Plasma 1G low serial

    Hi guys. Recently bought this beatiful Juliet with fire iridium 1st generation, look at the serial number!! Frame in excelent condition..
  2. U

    Deal  Juliet plasma Frame Serialized

    Very Good condition Juliet Plasma Frame First Generation Serialized -Frame 8/10 due to nose bridge blemishes and some factory blemishes (in pics) No lenses (originally Ice Iridium) - Nose Bridge tight 9/10, pin pictures shown Comes with Microfiber only $195 All in with CONUS and Canada Shipping
  3. U

    Sold  $215 Plasma frame

    Up for sale is another Juliet Frame i Have. First Generation Serialized Juliet Plasma. according to O Review data. Frame with Orbital Screws and all Rubbers except flex couplers and Nose bridge Pin Apart from scuffs on nose bridge, Frame has no major flaws apart from factory blemishes. Overall...
  4. sorraboguh

    Juliet plasma/ice 1g lenses

    Need to know if the 1g juliet plasma/ ice iridium without serial number lenses are hydrofobic or have some protection agaist dust or/and water... Or the first Juliets have just a simple iridium lenses? Thanks! Sorry about my english :agree: