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    For Sale Fire plasma juliet box with fire OEM lens

    I want $130 plus shipping. I'm from Brazil Shipping worldwide! Carton foam is deteriorating. The lenses have micro scratches, almost imperceptible. Lens condition: 9.7/10. Box condition: 9/10. Fire Iridium Juliet Box, 5th generation. Also includes medal. Medal conditions: 10/10 Photos below
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    Sold Juliet plasma fire NOS

    Found this gem in a small local optical store in my hometown in Norway, since I will never wear these they will go to a new home. Matching set. Asking $500 f&f including basic shipping continental US if you want insurance you cover that cost. It also comes with a extra new sock kit.
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    Sold Juliet plasma / blue 1st gen unserialized

    Hello OF for sale this Juliet plasma 1st gen unserialized frame with blue lenses in used condition but still very good, don’t have serial, comes with microbag. Frame 6-7/10 Lenses 6-7/10 Rubbers 6-7/10 Nose bridge 8/10 no need tune up Price $300 $280 OBO ( $35 for the Shipping with tracking...
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    For Sale Juliet Plasma 2nd GEN JIXXXXXXA

    For sale my Juliet Plasma 2nd GEN, Ive owned this pair for over 15 years. Aftermarket rubber and polarized lenses, nose bridge will need a tune up. Located in CONUS $280
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    Sold Juliet plasma orbitals and stems

    Juliet parts for sale. All threads in good condition. Screws included Orbitals (L & R), $55 each,$100 for both SOLD Stems (L & R) $60 SOLD Prices include shipping to USA
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    Sold Juliet plasma w/ furby lenses

    Hello everyone, a friend brought me these juliet to sell them, they are in very good condition, he has used them a lot but he has taken care of them a lot, the lenses have several cleaning marks but when you use them you do not notice or molastan, the frame is clean of oxidation, the nose bridge...
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    Sold Juliet plasma w/ emerald iridium

    hello OFamily used Juliet for sale, plasma with emerald iridium lenses, is 4 gen, came with bag only, lenses and frame in very good condition, nose bridge no need tune-up, I go to put more pics soon. Lenses 9/10 Frame 9/10 Nose bridge 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 Price $285 #SOLD allin payment in...
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    Sold Price drop: Juliet Plasma frame

    I assume this is a 4th or 5th Juliet, since there is no serial. It is shiny Plasma frame, almost champagne gold. Condition: frame is in very good shape, no scratch. Nosebridge has just been tuned by LINEGEAR. Rubber is Oem in good condition. Lenses: not included. But if you have some in...
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    Sold Price drop: Juliet Plasma 2nd Gen - frame only

    For sale is a Juliet Plasma frame. The frame has been oxidized. Some like this look, while some prefer this to be refinished. The Nosebridge is factory’s tight. No rubber. Stems are straight. 195$ > 185$ PayPal G&S, shipping included. Thank you for considering.
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    Sold Juliet Plasma w/ Fire - combo set 230$

    - Frame: 8/10 no scratch and plasma surface are shiny. - Lenses 5/10 need to change, good for display. - Rubber: 9/10 all oem very good conditon with spare (two pairs 15 & 25 both TS and NP), - Bridge: A little play, but not need a tune up any time soon. - Box is for a Juliet Polished. coin...
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    Sold Juliet plasma w/ fire Iridium #SOLD

    Hello for sale this juliet in very good condition, like new, have very low use one or two times, don't have the box, frame and lenses are free of scratchers, more pics on request, nose bridge get little movement in this years but still very good, came with bag only, all is oem. Serial: no...
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    Sold Ju Carbon & Ju Plasma - sold

    Hi all, These are non-serial frames for daily wear. All screw, rubber, washer are good. 1. A beautiful Juliet Carbon. Frame has no discolor, no blemish. Lenses: for picture only, not included. Rubber OEM, very good condition. Nose bridge is a little loose on the right, but not an issue. 190$...
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    Sold $215 Plasma frame

    Up for sale is another Juliet Frame i Have. First Generation Serialized Juliet Plasma. according to O Review data. Frame with Orbital Screws and all Rubbers except flex couplers and Nose bridge Pin Apart from scuffs on nose bridge, Frame has no major flaws apart from factory blemishes. Overall...
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    Sold juliet plasma w/ fire iridium - serialized - #SOLD

    Hello all for sale Juliet x-metal plasma with Fire Iridium lenses, is 2 generation and all is oem and mint, has only two used to take selfies, has always been exposed in the tower one day without knowing how, came a point in one of the lenses, do not bother or affect vision. The lenses don't...
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    Sold juliet plasma w/ ice iridium like new #SOLD

    Hello O-family for sale this awesome piece, all is like new don't have wear, all is 10/10, is 2 generation, all is oem, came with mf-bag only. I have this exposed in my tower and never wear it, soo I decided to put for sale. Condition: like new / mint Serial JI108137A Lenses...
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    Buying Juliet Plasma/Fire Box

    Hi all. I'm looking for a good condition and complete Juliet plasma/fire box. Would prefer an older version/generation with large coin. Paperwork and extra rubbers would be a bonus ;) Thanks!
  17. Mark Southwell

    Good Day on the Bay

    Had a great day on the Bay today, snagged a cool display piece, 3 double x-metal stands, Juliet Plasma, Hijinx Propaganda (were listed as "Men's Oakley Limited Edition White Sunglasses") and Tron Pitboss all for below what I would consider fair value
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    Trading Juliet Plasma/Ice for XS

    Purchased this pair recently on here for my wife and she doesn't like the fit so I am looking to get a pair of XS for her. The XS don't have to be perfect or even complete as they won't be a show piece just a daily pair. Willing to put cash on top as well. The Juliets are complete with box...
  19. Corporalq

    Question about Juliets

    I have a pair of Polished Plasma Juliets and have seen posts about a serial number. There are a couple of numbers on the inside left arm of mine and was wondering what the serial number would start with or if the markings on mine are even a serial number. I thought I knew a good bit about...
  20. Romeo78

    New Trio Color

    Juliet X metal , X metal XX and Juliet Plasma