juliet x metal

  1. U

    Sold New Oakley Ducati Juliet X-Metal w/ Black Iridium + RX X-Metal Soft Vault and rare cardboard box

    I have a X-Metal Ducati Juliet for sale. The serialized frame was worn two or three times with RX lenses. Lenses were built back to the original Ducati etched Black Iridium lenses which were never used - so they are new! Nosebridge is tight! Package includes replacement rubbers, coin, bag and...
  2. Moonie7

    KNOWLEDGEABLE COLLECTORS? HELP! How much are these worth? Juliet x metal carbon black iridium

    Hello!! I'm new to the forum and honestly have no idea how to price these. My father recently passed away, and in a box of his stuff I received, were these sunglasses. They look to have never been worn, are still in the box with the warranty and all the papers that originally came with it. If...
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    Sold Juliet Polished / Blue Iridium & Black Iridium (JB serial, mint set with matching box)

  4. U

    Sold Juliet xmetal w/ black iridium J-Serial “COMPLETE”

    Hello OF for sale one more awesome and like new juliet xmetal from my personal collection, complete with matching box coin papers and all is J serial, general rated all in 9,8/10, no scratchers or defects in frame or lenses, I put extra t-shocks and nosepads, looking for new home...
  5. B

    Juliet X

    I just received a pair of Juliet X that I ordered online and I think that they my be broken as they "wiggle" (have play) in the center on either side of the nose piece. Is this normal? My wife thinks that it is to prevent stress on the O Matter. I'm not so sure. Thanks.
  6. U

    Sold Lot Juliet (Beaters)

    Lot Beaters juliet. Not all frames are in the same conditions. the three frames of 1st generation have some spots. the rest, as you can see in the photos are in better condition. most have new couplers, some have their gums. Serials: P064427 P061110 JE008313 J106427 Free shipping Paypal...
  7. U

    Sold Juliet xmetal ducati "First Gen" DUCATI002114

    Hello OFamily other juliet oem here for sale, this time a Ducati xmetal with black Iridium lenses and ducati serial, came with bag only, Is in mint condition the only one is the frame get a little movement in the bridge, but still very good no need tune-up, have 15's t-shocks intalled, don't...
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    For Sale Oakley Juliet X Metal with Ruby Iridium Lenses *X015488*

    Closed - Consolidating Threads Hi fellow Oakley enthusiasts, Here is a complete set of Juliet for your consideration. Oakley Juliet X-Metal with Ruby Iridium Lenses *X015488* Frame: 8/10 Frame has some shiny bits. Left ear-stem tip does not rest flat for unknown reason. Ruby...
  9. U

    Sold Juliet X Metal w/ Black Iridium - full set matching serial - mint

    Hi all, This is a classic Juliet X Metal finish J Serial, matching set, all oem, for sale. Frame: 9.5/10 no scratch and no bent Lenses: 9.5/10 beautiful no scratch, see looking through photos Rubber: 9.5/10 very good, no sticky at all. TS 15 and NP 25 on frame. Extra TS 25 and NP 15...
  10. Megahurtz

    Oakley why ?!

    I picked these up off Craigslist and am unsure what I have I can not find the square lens . These are a why but what kind ? Thank you minty condition blue/ purple titianium frame I'm told