1. Hvy@rms61120

    Help finding Juliet’s

    Hi Everyone, I know I am new and have the waiting period but I am really looking forward to trying to find a pair of Juliet’s. My wife did as most wives do disregard the things their husbands hold dear and in a flash they vanished. I would love to find a replacement as they were my favorite...
  2. G

    Oakley Juliet Loose Nose Bridge

    Hi all, I’m new to the group so firstly hello. I have a couple of pairs of Oakley Juliets and 1 set has a very loose nose bridge / lense connection so I’m guessing it needs repinning? I’m based in the UK so any suggestions on best repair option? Thank you,
  3. Skull McBone

    This is why you should not use Revant replacement lenses for your Juliets

    Well, if you are looking to replace your Juliet's lenses, Revant is not a good option, I can't talk too much about the quality but they don't fit properly on any of my Juliets, not good at all, take a look to the video, go with OEM custom cut instead, I wanted to give it a try to Revant lenses...
  4. U

    Buying  Juliet Ruby Mint Condition

    Looking to buy a set of black juliets with ruby lenses. Best condition available please. no scratches. Thank you in advance. Serialized would be preferred.
  5. Z

    X metal juliets

    So I’ve had these original Juliet’s sitting a drawer for 15+ years and now I here they are worth some $$$. Just trying to figure out how valuable they are. So I got these probably in the early 2000’s. I’m pretty sure they were around $350-400 but I had some hook ups so I didn’t pay that. I’ve...
  6. M

    Replacement Juliet Soft Case / Vault?

    Hey guys and gals, greetings from the UK. Last year I lost my Juliet large (X) carbon soft vault in Animal Kingdom and have been unable to find a replacement. Does anybody know of a 3rd party one that will fit as I've spent 9 months trying to find one and I can't face mine being damaged. Thanks...
  7. S

    How much are my Juliets worth?

    Hey I bought a pair of iridium blue lensed Juliets I reckon about 10 years ago and now I'm looking to offload them. Not been used for at least 5 years. They are genuine, bought from a reputable retailer. No receipt, no box etc. Just the glasses. The lenses and frames are in very good condition...
  8. SMman

    Plasma/Fire & X-metal/Ruby Juliets arrived today

    After buying a BNIB x-metal/black iridium Juliet, I needed a pair I could actually wear. I couldn't bring myself to take the sticker off the lens of the BNIB Juliets so they have been sitting in their box tempting me to take them out. I've resisted wearing them and luckily the same seller had...
  9. U

    Sold  polishe juliets

    (SOLD) Hey guys. I have my juliets for sale. They are in great shape. The frame is factory tight. no need for a tune up. The polarized fire lenses are in bad shape. the one with the polarized etching has a scratch while the other is scratched up pretty badly. the vr28 bi/p have a few light...
  10. U

    Sold  Juliet Ducati Carbon w/ Black Iridium Límited edition #SOLD

    Hi O-family decided to sell one of my Juliet Ducati Carbon with Black Iridium lenses in mint condition, used very little, is very clean and don't have scratchers, is complete with all, box, coin, bag, papers and xtra nose pads and 25 t-shocks, is 5gen with sku on The arm. Sku serial Frame 10/10...
  11. Uxi

    Lost my Plasma / Ice Juliets

    Flush with cash after a deployment, I bought these Plasma / Ice Juliets in 2003 from Sunglasses Hut and was in love with them ever since. Had a couple near misses but was able to find them. Now over 10 years later, they've been gone over a month now on an extremely busy day where I was at One...