jupiter factory lite

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    Sold  Jupiter Factory Lite $SOLDSHIPPED

    For sale is a pair of Jupiter Factory Lite’s. Sku: OO4066-03 Frame is Dark Blue - has some minor knicks. Earsocks seem fine. Hinges are a bit loose. Lenses are Black iridium - scratches, along with a crack in the upper left lens. Still wearable. I don’t wear them as much as I planned. My phone...
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    Sold  Jupiter Factory Lite

    $100 Jupiter Factory Lite no lenses condition 9/10 (unworn. planned on using these as RX, but my prescription wouldn't work)
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    Found  Jupiter Factory Lite

    Would like to pick up a daily wear pair of the Factory Lite, not interested in the Carbon/Omatter later version. Can trade towards them or outright purchase. Let me know, thanks! ISO a pre-owned Alloy / Ice pair
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    hi to all ! i search some Oakley ferrari model to buy ! carbon blade Ferrari style switch Ferrari Jupiter factory or carbon so in case i have some artsit series Glasses for trades or partial trades!!
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    Buying  Oakley Jupiter Carbon

    Hello everyone! I was curious if anyone has the Jupiter Factory Lite available and are willing to sell or trade their pair. I appreciate it! Thank you everyone!
  6. MChou

    Where can I find Replacement Parts for Jupiter Factory Lites?

    Hey guys I have a pair of Oakley Jupiter Factory Lites, and they were my daily drivers. At this point, the hinges of the sunglasses have completely worn out. I have brought them to a couple oakley store to be tightened, but unfortuneatly its at the point where tightening doesn't do anything...
  7. BHarry

    The JFL I wanted...

    I really like the JFL and the colorway that I originally wanted was the brushed/ice. I've found deals on a couple others, but still kept my eye out for these. They have a few tiny scratches but no complaints... got them for fairly cheap case included. It's been months and I'm happy to have em...
  8. TheWannaBe

    Jupiter Factory Lite Sunglasses

    Just visited the O-Vault and they had a buy a regular priced pair get a discounted pair half off. Needless to say I spent 200 bucks and walked with two pairs. This has been one I have been after for a while. Absolutely stunning...