1. U

    For Sale  Kato BI

    $225: New with tags Kato BI black lens and frame, spare nose pad, hard case. Post box $15: Total $240 aus
  2. U


    There are two model numbers for Kato OO9455 and OO9455M. Is there any difference?
  3. U

    Buying  Kato Low Light

    Looking for a Kato low light for a reasonable price.
  4. U

    Sold  Kato Factory Pilot - Prizm Black

    $90 Shipped or Trade Flak 1.0 Straight Jacket II Monster Dog Pit Bull Sutro or Sutro Lite No signs of wear Kato w/ Gold Accents / Prizm Road Black Ird - OO9455-1549 - Factory Pilot Edition
  5. U

    Sold  or Trade: Kato - Prizm Black

    Kato Black w/ Gold accents with Prizm Black Lens Open to trade for old school mumbo w/ Fire lens or +Red Racing jacket vr28 black ird & oo black ird jawbone lenses EV Zero w/ prizm torch trail or polarized jade $90 shipped
  6. XM-I

    My shelf 😬

    A whole lot of cases, and no display case to put ‘em in. In a definitive order below, order of acquisition From my first pair, crystal black gen2 M-Frame sweep black iridium and +Red sweep (cracked hinges 😮‍💨, superglued the hinges, they still open and close, but at least they don’t wobble)...
  7. D

    Replacement Temples for Oakley Kato?

    So, I was careless and bought some Katos off of Ebay. I didn't realize until later that they come with no temples... I'm not very familiar with Oakleys or any glasses really, so I'm not sure how replacing the temples works, if there's some cross compatibility, etc. But I can't find ANYTHING...
  8. O

    Kato Opinions

    Hi Guys, I´m looking into buying myself a KATO for Christmas. What´s your opinion on these beauties? Which one is the best in your opinion? Can´t decide between the Sapphire and the Black ones. Cheers
  9. delarscuevas

    Broken Kato. Repairable?

    Kato with broken hinge, offered in Europe. For 60e... and assuming everything else is okay... Should I buy and bond it, or leave it be? Cheers, Lars
  10. U

    Trading  Looking for Kato X - Polished Black

    Looking for a Kato X in the Polished Black frame. Would prefer new in box. I've got a Max Fear Light Fuel Cell brand new in box. Can added on if need be.
  11. T

    Best Prizm Lens for Baseball?

    Since Prism Field is only available in Radar frames and my outfielder wants either Kato or Sutro frames, which Prism lens gives best visibility and protection or best replicates the prism Field?