1. Madscience

    Oakley shoe one

    My ShoeOne collection 🤺 ShoeTwo - UK 10 Shoeone Black low - UK9.5 For sale soon due to not being my size, trades welcomed!
  2. U

    Sold  Kevlar Wallet Large

    Kevlar Wallet Large Black Brand new Price $95 Kevlar Wallet Large Yellow Used in good condition, some normal wear and tear. Price $60 Shipping included in usa Pay by Paypal
  3. U

    Sold  Kevlar wallet and case.

    Kevlar wallet And Case Brand new wallet. price $ 110 Case used in good condition, the zipper works perfectly. (See Photos) Price $ 30 The two as a lot $ 120 Free shipping to USA. Pay by Paypal
  4. U

    Sold  Cart larg Kevlar yellow

    Hello Of for sale other one new Kevlar cart, is the big, new without any use but has a small defect that is barely seen and does not affect the use, you can see near the hole for the chain I took a photo up close so you can see it well, yellow color with original package. Price $90 allin (or...
  5. U

    Found  Oakley organizer kevlar

    Hi I want to buy a kevlar organizer. Can buy or I have several Oakley items I can trade with. Please PM me what you got.
  6. U

    Sold  Kevlar Organizer

    Kevlar Organizer Price $ 55 Shipping $ 5 Pay by Paypal.
  7. U

    Sold  Kevlar Organizer, x metal vault, coin half x, case, display custom.

    oakley organizer kevlar $80 SOLD X-Metal large metal vault $130 SOLD Half-X Coin $120 Square O Case – Science Graphic 07-584. $70 Large metal vault $25 Triangular display stand polished (custom) $270 SOLD Triangular display stand (custom) $250 SOLD (the last photo was taken from the internet...
  8. U

    Buying  Kevlar wallet

    Looking for a large size carbon fiber/kevlar wallet, preferably in the black/grey colourway (in the mid).
  9. U

    Sold  Stealth judge/ Kevlar wallet

    Hey everyone I'm continuing to sell some stuff I don't have use for ! Today I have a Kevlar wallet and a credit card insert I would like to keep these together as a set even though they don't go together price is 55 OBO shopped Paypal G&S The second is 3 stealth judge links in new condition! I...
  10. designdelight

    What do you call this kevlar item?

    I want to sell it, but I don't know what it is called or how much it's worth. It would hold a pad of paper, pens, and other papers and stuff, but it's not a binder. It zips closed. Never used, but not stored well, so it's a bit lumpy. Thanks, Delight
  11. SiRacer420

    Some new stuff from back when Oakley made awesomeness

    I recently picked up both of these brand new. Unfortunately the wallet did not have the box. The label on the vault box is 4/19/00 and I'm pretty sure these wallets came out around then, surely within a few years. Kevlar is awesome but my favorite part of these is the label on the vault box. Not...