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    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed Keychains

    Up for sale are some KEY RINGS. You are purchasing just the key ring, but each one comes with a free custom key chain attached I have 40+ colors available to choose from $6 each+shipping Shipping is a minimum $5 (CONUS) PayPal G&S. If you order multiples and...
  2. U

    Sold  Very rare static icon keychain.

    ( spf ) Trading for something special. I’ve seen similar keychain only once on forum. I’m interested in watches mostly. Thanks for checking! Icon in the middle of picture.
  3. U

    For Sale  Tactical clip

    Asking $80 plus shipping, not really much to add other than it being a tactical clip/keychain.
  4. Lupetto

    Static Icon keychain?!?

    help me with any infoz. Gracias mi Hermanos de otra Madres.
  5. U

    For Sale  Some oldies just in time for Xmas!

    I've got a few old pieces up for grabs, so whomever has the hustle is gonna go home with the goods! Icon Claw Carabiner NWT - SOLD Large Skull Stickers - SOLD A.P. Vest, Size XL - SOLD
  6. U

    For Sale  A bunch of rare oldies

    I've got a few things I hate to part with, but it's time to let them go and become part of someone else's collection. Icon Claw Carabiner, NWT Large Skull Stickers - SOLD Mace Hockey Gloves, size 13.5 - SOLD
  7. U

    Sold  Mechanism Chain starts @ US $ 40

    Hello Oakley-community, up for sale i have are brand new Mechanism Chain still with tags on! you can choose between 2 x Shadow or 2 x Kelp Green looking for US $ 40,oo for one US $ 75,oo for two US $ 110,oo for three G&S included international trackable shipping... BTW thank you for looking...
  8. eBayOakleys

    For Sale  Oakley Grenade Pin Keychains

    Ultra Rare Oakley Grenade Pin Keychains $60.00 End Date: Dec-19 16:50 Buy It Now for only: US $60.00 Buy it now | Add to watch list Continue reading...
  9. sunglassfiend

    Details on Oakley Grenade Pin Keychains?

    Saw this listing and have never seen this display piece before. These look awesome to me, but does anyone know the story/details behind them? The listing doesn't provide much...
  10. U

    Sold  Oakley DOG TAG keychain bottle opener NEW in box

    NIB with plastic wrap (not shown), sample pic. $40 Shipped in CONTUS, paypal F&F.
  11. CrazyALee

    My (good experience) trip to HQ today =)

    Aside from all the crazy traffic (to avoid toll roads and paying one-time fees, etc), I decided to head out to HQ today. its about an hour away. My main goal was to get one of my juliets tightened up. So I went to the walk-in-warranty, and asked if they still did juliet tune-ups (since theres...
  12. mopiko

    New Factory Pilot Keychain~?

    new? old? Backordered on Oakley Factory Pilot Keychain | Official Oakley Store what say u? anyone getting one