killswitch titanium bezel

  1. THISGUY25

    Killswitch Ti Bezel

    I've seen some posts on here about buffing out scratches on Timebomb bracelets/cases. Anyone have any idea if I can do anything to buff out these scratches on my Ti Bezel? No idea how they happened. Didn't want to go trying to remove them and ruin the bezel altogether.
  2. D

    Killswitch Bezel scratch

    Hey guys, I have the carbon face kill switch and have a question about the bezel. I have the one that came with it that is the titanium on and i have scratched it. The scratches are not really deep at all it just appears to me more superficial. Does anyone have any tips on how to polish these...
  3. U

    Sold  BNIB Holiday Titanium Killswitch Watch

    selling a BNIB titanium killswitch watch for $475 USD G&S shipped CONUS. Never worn just sat in the box as a spare to my other one. Will post pictures when I get home this evening, although I'm sure everyone knows what they look like ;)
  4. U

    Sold  Kill switch titanium with or w/o case $510 obo no trades

    Hello. Stepping up to something different and selling this beauty while in mint condition. Titanium Killswitch purchased February 2016. Worn a few times in doors. Was a store model. Comes with stock titanium bezel only. Rose gold and black stealth still available separately. Thanks...