kitchen sink

  1. T

    New Kitchen Sink Backpack

    Just got a new Kitchen Sink Backpack for me to use for carrying books and a laptop for school.
  2. U

    For Sale 2 stormtrooper kitchen sink backpacks, one new with backbrace second slightly used w/brace.

    Only 1000 made of these so act fast!! Looking to sell one brand new never used kitchen sink, includes the matching white back brace. Asking 300$ For new and 240$ for used. Plus 30$ for shipping each! Please pm with any questions, thanks for checking!:):newrussian:
  3. U

    Sold Kitchen Sink Backpack

    Nice kitchen sink original color scheme got as part of a trade appears to be unused no tags or plastic. Extra back support strap included 100 shipped CONUS paypal g&s
  4. U


    I know this might be a shot in the dark. But I am looking for a RED kitchen sink. Also in search of a red Dexter messenger bag. Just post or pm if you have anything. I may have a couple of items to trade for or PayPal which ever you prefer.
  5. Lionsblood

    kitchen sink buckle

    So i have a kitchen sink backpack with the silver metal and my waist buckles have broken, I my first one broke weeks after having the bag and i just broke the other one a few months back. Does anyone know where to get a good replacement, or to get new buckles that match the metal clips and...
  6. U

    For Sale WTS limited yellow big kitchen sink

    I have a brand new without tags limited edition yellow Big Kitchen Sink back pack for sale. Asking $185 OBO. Please PM for pictures.
  7. QLR1

    Kitchen Sink, Gearbox LX bags on sale at Midway USA

    Straight from the Slickdeals alert: The Herb colorway is ~$72 Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack The Olive colorway is ~$45 Oakley Gearbox LX Backpack Polyester
  8. U

    Sold Storm Trooper kitchen sink.

    275$ SPF . plus shipping in new condition with tags! Fits up to 17'' laptop! Huge space! Great as a carry on. Thanks for checking! No trades pls.
  9. U

    Sold Designer Kitchen Sink Backpack BN

    Hi guys and gals, I have a designer Kitchen sink brand new with tags that I am selling off and was wondering if anyone here in Oakleyforumland would like. Asking for 200 OBO shipped anywhere in the US Please let me know if you have any questions!
  10. Joeymaz73

    Alternative to Kitchen Sink

    I have a "Kitchen Sink".. I love it, with the exception of the 3 metal clip points on the fron of the bag. I also have a first gen ICON pack. My question is, is there anything out there that is equal to the Kitchen Sink without all the hardware? I use it as my travel bag and when riding my...
  11. Oakleo

    What backpack is this?

    Do anyone know what is the model of this pack? Couldnt find any reference in the web.
  12. M

    Oakley Kitchen Sink on has the Kitchen Sink in Black for $130.95 and Stealth for $131.23. Use promo code 20CYBERWK to take an additional 20 percent off. Promo code only valid if sold by Amazon and not third party resellers. Total comes to $104.76 and $104.98 respectively. Almost 50 percent off MSRP...
  13. GlobalElite01

    Just Starting....

    I've always been a fan of Oakley glasses, watches, and bags just for normal use. Haven't really thought about starting a collection till recently. These 10th Mountain Divisions are the only pair I have right now. I also have the Blade Watch, Icon 3.0 backpack, Kitchen Sink backpack and SI...