1. swoosh

    KITH x Oakley?

    not sure if this already discussed but aren't these oakley eye jackets?
  2. U

    Buying  Kith x Oakley black earpieces

    Hi all, I’ve broken an earpiece, and was seeing if anyone had any kith x Oakley black earpieces for sale, that would be great thanks Helier
  3. U

    Buying  Kith x Oakley sunglasses collabs

    Hey all, I’m looking to add to my collection, if anyone is considering selling any kith x Oakley sunglasses such as the razorblades or frogskins I’d be interested to purchase. Thanks H
  4. U

    Buying  Kith x Oakley Razorblades in Pink

    Hi, I am looking for a pair of Kith x Oakley Razor Blades in Pink. Please slide DM for offers. Thanks
  5. H

    Kith x Oakley Razorblades

    Hey all, Really interested in purchasing off someone the; Clear/Pink And Full black Kith x Oakley razor blades.. if someone is interested in selling im very interested,and drop me a message if so. thanks
  6. handimanni


    Colab with KITH and OAKLEY, presented by Daniel Arsham. oakley x kith ARSHAM STUDIO 3018 (@danielarsham) • Instagram photos and videos so far this is an unrelease, im guessing daniel is close friends with the creator of KITH, Ronnie Fieg, which gave him some goodies for his trip to aspen...