1. swoosh

    KITH x Oakley?

    not sure if this already discussed but aren't these oakley eye jackets?
  2. U

    Buying  Kith x Oakley black earpieces

    Hi all, I’ve broken an earpiece, and was seeing if anyone had any kith x Oakley black earpieces for sale, that would be great thanks Helier
  3. U

    Buying  Kith x Oakley sunglasses collabs

    Hey all, I’m looking to add to my collection, if anyone is considering selling any kith x Oakley sunglasses such as the razorblades or frogskins I’d be interested to purchase. Thanks H
  4. U

    Buying  Kith x Oakley Razorblades in Pink

    Hi, I am looking for a pair of Kith x Oakley Razor Blades in Pink. Please slide DM for offers. Thanks
  5. H

    Kith x Oakley Razorblades

    Hey all, Really interested in purchasing off someone the; Clear/Pink And Full black Kith x Oakley razor blades.. if someone is interested in selling im very interested,and drop me a message if so. thanks