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    Sold Computer Bag - Sheet Metal

    Looking to sell my wife's computer bag. Originally bought for me, but then she ended up using it instead. Bag is still in excellent condition. Has lots of storage space. Color is Sheet Metal. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $100 shipped in the US.
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    Sold AP Computer Bag (not Dexter)

    For posterity, it sold on eBay for $160. I have this AP Computer bag that I'm not going to use. Great condition. All of the removable pouches are there as well as the shoulder strap. No rips or tears, one of the red elastic bands is a bit stretched but it still holds just fine. It was very...
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    Sold Laptop Messenger Bag

    Cleaning out my bags and found this old jewel. Not sure the model. Everything works great. All zippers work and no holes or tears. All velcro intact. A little cracking on top handle (leather) and a little fraying around edges. Tons of pockets and very heavy duty. Perfect for laptops or tablets...