1. V1P3R_Z029

    QUESTION: Is the Juliet X-Metal Ruby specifically LARGER-SIZED? Compared to other Juliets (Carbon, Plasma, 24K etc.)?

    Hi & Good day to everyone, I had a pair of Oakley Juliet X-Metal Ruby sunglasses (sold a long time ago). When I hadthem, I already owned an existing pair of Oakley Juliet Carbon Black (which were my daily-use sunglasses). I instantly noticed that there was a significant different in size...
  2. JWLNY

    Oakley Medusa w/ Rare Goggles Size Large

  3. U

    Buying Beater Pair | Cheap pair | Large Frames | Polarized / Prizm Lenses

    Looking to buy a cheap/ beater pair of sunglasses (don't mind what frames they are as long as they are larger), just need Polarized lenses, Prizm preferred. Need no scratches on the lenses, and LT like 15% or under for daily use. PayPal is all set up. Thanks.
  4. fett42

    Turbine is too small, will Offshoot fit?

    Hello, I am new here, but I love Oakley sunglasses. My problem is most of them are way too small for me. I currently have a pair of Square Wire 2.0 that have been adjusted outward to fit my head. I have a rather large, fat head. Today I went to a glasses retailer and tried on a lot of different...