las vegas

  1. A

    Hello OF. I'm a first time forum user looking to learn more about my Oakley Sunglasses. Thanks for having me.

    First off I'm wondering if anyone knows of a local expert in Las Vegas. Does anyone have a recommendation of someone I could visit and have them take a look at my sunglasses collection?
  2. I

    Oakley JULIET with a very low serial #

    Hi guys, I am from Italy and I bought my black Juliet several years ago. Didn't use them much, since I was always worried about ruining them. In 2011 I was in Vegas, in the Oakley store in TownSquare and the guy in the Oakley store was impressed with the serial number of my sunglasses: it's...
  3. RickART

    Oakley Stores in Las Vegas?

    Are there any great stores for Oakley in Las Vegas? R.