leather mars jordan's

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    Deal  Mars Jordan all original, serial matching box!

    Selling a one owner Mars ( I picked it up but decided to pass it on ) . The original owner kept it for 21 years!! The nose has no strength left it’s completely loose. Lenses have microscratches but still usable or great for display. Leather can be cleaned and reused since it’s still has lots of...
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    Sold  Mars Jordan ( leather ) 625$ quick!

    For quick sale. Mars leather. Leather 8/10. Frame 9/10. Rubbers 8/10. Lenses 9/10. Set has plenty of life still. Looking for a quick sale 700$ ->625$ SOLD glasses only. Thanks for checking!
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    Sold  Mars Jordan's

    Leather is darkened from wear. Has my prescription lenses in them and I don't have original lenses. Frame in great condition. Stitching is tight. Nosebridge has some flex. Serial # M*016388. Made in USA an CE on temple rubbers. No box or coin. NEW NEW LOW PRICE $340.