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    The Best Lens Colors for Golf [For Every Environment]

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  2. S

    Oakley T-wire legit?

    Hey so I want to buy my first pair of Oakleys and i would like to know if these look legit to you guys (attached below). Also are they x-metals?
  3. J

    Oakley Pit Boss Ii 2 nice replica, fake or real?

    I wonder if you guys with your experience think these pair are Legit... I've never seen in real life but I got doubt since I saw the "pit bull ii" is like printed and in real ones is engraved, is there some version that is printed?
  4. T

    legit check on oakley minute 1.0 gen 2

    Hello everyone! I only just got into the oakley brand, but it's already gone to my head! :) i just got these minute 1.0's reaaallly cheap (i assumed the seller didn't know what they are worth) but now i'm not sure if they are legit. they are in a bad condition (paint-wise) but still feel really...
  5. XXXMan


    hi all , Looking at acquiring these. Do they look legit? Cheers