lens cutting

  1. SiRacer420

    Cutting lenses by hand (a guide)

    A few days ago @iamFLIP asked me if I had any tips when it comes to cutting lenses by hand. I was just about to cut a Radar lens shield for a Trenchcoat for @hondazcrxsi so it was the perfect opportunity to take some pics of the process and share how I go about it. DISCLAIMER! This is how I do...
  2. Pospaintballer

    Which dwp lens

    which dwp should I get to have custom cut for xmetals etc? I might be able to get quite a few for you lens masters on here.
  3. Gustavson

    Eyepatch vs pitbull vs big taco which lens to cut, wich is wide?

    I everybody I got a pit bull and I want to put ruby lens on them which lens to cut ? which one will you recommend me to use ? Thankyou I will post some pics I promise
  4. U

    Deal  XS Lenses

    @Chris A Hardaway cut me some badass lenses. . . . . .with the etching! While the right is a perfect fit, the left isn't but damn close. Only slight tension bends in the middle of the left lens, nothing to cry about. Perfect polarization! Thanks again! I should also mention that he...
  5. xmetalmaniac

    Custom cutting lenses/discussion on Periscope Date/Time

    Just recently I began custom cutting lenses live on Periscope for forum members to watch and ask questions. Because of the positive feedback and the request for it to continue I am creating this thread so I can post Dates/Times of the cuts along with a lot of tutorials and Q&A. If you would...
  6. U

    Deal  Deal thread between Chris A Hardaway and KG22

    Got a set of Prizm Road Racing Jacket lenses cut for a Juliet, superb work! Thanks!
  7. B

    Penny donor lens

    Which Oakley lenses cut for the Penny? Who could I send the donor lens to? Thank you.
  8. the_owl

    Who's cutting lenses these days

    Need some lenses cut, I can send clapped out templates. US and good rep please.