lens peeling

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    does iridium coating affects the base color

    My fire iridium and prizm golf started peeling at the centre of the lens.. I want to know whether the iridium coating affects the base tint or not... because if somehow all of iridium has gone but base color remains the same.then i can use it. because i really love the lens shape.. Also one of...
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    Iridium Coating Peeling

    Can i use a lens after it's iridium coating is peeling at the centre of the lens... I don't know what caused this peeling of the iridium coating.. I never put my Oakleys on top of my head.. So there is no chance of getting hair gels or something like that.. I clean the lenses regularly.
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    Lens peeling

    How to stop lens peeling specially in fire iridium lenses ..it's a constant problem in fire iridium lenses.. I only use lens cleaning cloth.What should I use to stop it?