lens replacement

  1. stenochris

    Where can I get the tool to reinstall the lens of a Wiretap 2.0 frame?

    I have the Wiretap 2.0 sunglasses with the monofilament around the lens. You can't just pop the lens back in if it comes out like you can with the original Wiretap frames. I know you can go to a sunglass repair store or an eye doctor's office, but I am constantly popping mine out when I get...
  2. R

    Replace Gold Iridium with Prizm

    Need help choosing new lenses. Currently have Gold Iridium (12% VLT), which are used for all sports (tennis, running, biking, etc). Been wearing these for years and love them, but I need new glasses and I would like to get a Prizm lens. Eyes have light sensitivity, so although I liked the road...
  3. U

    For Sale bnib Crankshaft BIP lens replacement kit

    For sale is a Crankshaft Lens Replacement Kit - Black Iridium Polarized, BNIB. Retail was $100 on Oakley.com.....but they are not available. Price is $70 60 delivered US. Thanks for looking!
  4. crgonyar

    Etched lens replacements?

    Hi, New to the forum, but wondering if anyone has any experience with getting replacement lenses for exclusive editions with etched lenses? Particularly Masters editions? I have a few pair I'd like to get replacement lenses for. Thanks!
  5. U

    For Sale Flak XLJ lenses Ice and Array case-Price Drop

    SOLD! These will make some great beater lenses for somebody! Let's move these. Lenses only $15 shipped. Please add $5 if you want both the case and lenses to cover shipping for a bulkier box.. Please private message me if interested. I have a set of Ice Blue Flak Jacket XLJ lenses. The Right...