lens scratches

  1. SkyKye

    How to prevent Sunglasses lens scratching?

    Just got a pair of prizm dwp about 2 weeks ago... already scratches all over the lenses i have been only cleaning them with the sgh lens cleaning solution and not dry wiping i dont know why there starching?
  2. O

    How do I clean my prizm polarized lens?

    I just got a pair of flak 2.0 XL with the prizm daily polarized lens I have only had them for a week and there’s already scratches what I’m I doing wrong I have a spray bottle with just water I spray them then while there still wet I wipe them off with my microfiber cloth I do that daily and...
  3. M

    Scratch repair DIY - How to repair your Oakley lenses?

    I did search the whole forum site for the answer to what I was sure would be a much asked question, but i couldn't find a generic answer that covered ALL oakley lenses, in particular Iridium. Is there any way to repair my sunglasses lenses? So could I Please ask, this straightforward question:-...
  4. J

    Scratched MY new TITANIUM gearbox :( Solutions?

    Guys, just had my 1st ever O Gearbox Titanium delivered today and unfortunately scratched it against the wall while playing an iphone game :( 1. Can i simply return it to O & request a replacement? [ i used a 60% off coupon to buy this 895$ watch for $400: not sure if i will get to use that...
  5. CrazyALee

    Strange spider webbed cracks in lens coating?

    Asking for friend. I tried searching, only came up with one other result really...where someone may have a similar case. Anyways attached are some pics of a ruby iridium lens, both sides mind you, not just one side. Upon close inspection under direct light, can see spider-webbed cracks or...