limited edition oakley frogskins

  1. Uluahunter

    Oakley Concept Studio - Just saw these tonight!

    One off "Oakley Concept Studio" sunglasses at one of my local O stores, and only second day on the floor. Not for sale until Dec. 1st. Select stores around the country will get these, and they'll all be different (hence one offs). $700 each!!! Want, but not for that price! LOL
  2. time2fly

    Oakley Blue/+ Red Surf Deck Frogskins?

    Hey, don't know if anyone saw these, but there is a pair of the Blue/Positive Red Iridium Surf Deck Frogskins up on ebay. From what I understand, these weren't released correct? I remember seeing previews for them, but then only the Red showing up in stores. Nice RARE Oakley "Surf Deck"...
  3. TheFrogLife

    How Do I Authenticate Very LE Frogskins?

    I was told to call or email the oakley customer care and they basically told me there's no such things as pairs like the EB's, vdays, and blends. I even chatted with the "frogskins" guru who said the same thing. Is there anyone specifically in oakley I can talk to or email about the very limited...
  4. PeterLloyd

    Union Jacks And A New Pair Of Old Glory!

    Picked up my pair of Union Jacks today at the Lenscrafters in Hong Kong. Wasn't sure if I was going to buy them but they were too beautiful to pass up. They got one more pair of Old Glory so I swapped my week old pair . . . my first pair had very dark +Red lenses, they were mostly blue and you...
  5. S

    SJJ28's Frog Aquisitions

    I have been an Oakley wearer since the 80's, and have still have a couple of old pairs from then, but I was young, reckless, and slightly dumber than I am now! I've still amassed a collection of about 40 pairs over the years...all bought to wear. Recently I was given a display case and as such...
  6. chrisbron

    One Left To Go!

    As some might know, I managed to snatch a pair of Pink Paul Smith frogs for dirt cheap. Got 2 more today from Michael! Thank you! :) Just the purple left to find!
  7. Carlitocarlin


    Recently acquired Blacklight pink/orange w/ pink iridium and yellow/pink w/ 24k gold iridium. I love these to death, once I have enough money I'm going to snag the rest of Blacklight collection while they're still in stores =P
  8. froghog

    It's all about the hunt

    I just won a pair on Ebay for hundreds less than people were asking. Its a pair I have been trying to get for awhile now. I'll keep you guys in the dark until they come, and this is my last pick up until march (lenses and stands don't count). Also will post full collection pictures after their...
  9. wrist

    My Third Pair Of Frogskins

    Everyone knows Im the Holbrook guy, and that will remain so. Holbrooks for life. BUT, if a sweet deals comes around for a sweet pair of Frogs, Im not gonna pass it up. As was the case with these.
  10. eltb99

    Pair of Banana II's

    So my return box never showed so I did what us Brits do best and moaned at Topspin asking for the etched lenses to be sent. They sent another pair which I thought kinda cool of them.
  11. chrisbron

    Rose Tinted Glasses ;)

    New stuff I got in the mail:
  12. chrisbron

    New Shizzle!

    Got some more stuff through the mail today: Am currently sitting in the clear beams whilst posting this :)
  13. chrisbron

    Goodies From The Mailman :)

    Thanks to a fellow collector near Birmingham, I got these today: UPDATE:
  14. chrisbron

    Luckiest pick-up I've ever had!

    I went to Bicester Village today (it's an outlet centre in the UK) and went into the Paul Smith outlet store, looking for some ties. Instead, I found the PS Frogskins there! On their own. Unfortunately no box, no bag but legit frogskins. Wanted £113 but haggled him down claiming they were on...
  15. jiveSEVEN

    Thanks Oakleynerd!

    Finally arrived today....*happy dance* Gentei x Oakley "Night Rider" and Revert 95 both limited to 100 pieces worldwide For some reason the blue iridium in the revert are the best I have seen, much better quality than marine fade, cyan fade, and blacklight yellow. They seem to be more...
  16. J

    Limited Edition Collaborations?

    I was wondering what are some good websites to find out breaking news on different frogskins collabs
  17. eltb99

    GeT TA KnOW!!! CULTS!

    After over 5 weeks of worrying, waiting and telling myself (quote Bob Marley) 'every little thing's gonna be alright' the Cult/empire collab finally arrived. Thanks JiveSEVEN for making this one happen
  18. J

    Real St. Paddy's Day Froggies

    Hi, I'm new here but have recently become a froggie enthusiast. I was wondering if you guys think these are a real pair of St. Paddy's Days froggies. Thanks
  19. Nyarlathotep

    Jupiter Camo Frogskin

    Home from the whale's vagina and went to my favorite bike shop today. I was just going for some supplies but I spied these in their oakley display case as I walked in the door.
  20. oakleyguy7

    Shaun White Frogskins

    Got these in the other day. love them, cant wait to keep adding to my frogskin collection. cant wait to get the new blacklight ones too if they ever come out!
  21. SpliceD

    Limited Edition Jupiter Camo Frogskins

    Scored these last night off Craigslist. I paid a slight premium ($200), but i figured since they're sold out and i love the look, i had better pull the trigger. Not to mention i hate dealing with EBay. These are only my 2nd pair of Frogskins. My first pair being the Crystal Black/Black...
  22. D

    Snagged A Pair Of Jupiter Camo Frogskins:

    Got these today: The Full Shelf: