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    Sold 24k X Squared limited edition [294/750]

    Hi OF, It's with deep reluctance that I am putting my first and only X-metal up for sale as I could put this money to better use at the moment. I am the original owner of this beautiful pair, used very few times and it's been a long while since I last went out with it. Now that spring is here...
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    Thump 256 Help please.

    I own a pair of Thump 256 Lil' Jon Red camo Thumps. they work well and connect & charge fine BUT... My Windows 10 computer just won't recognize them to add remove music. I tried both the original CD and file from the Oakley site with no luck. I tried the reset procedure from the manual...
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    For Sale Frogskin Matte Carbon Camo Infinite Hero

    frogskin without details showcase sunglasses comes with box, bag and poster 220 $ shipping included
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    For Sale Radar Tour de France + Gascan S Tortoise

    very new radar sunglasses in perfect condition included bag gascan S tortoise Some details on the lenses and frame $ 250 with shipping included
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    For Sale Fuel Cells - Limited/Special Editions

    Cleaning out some items. All are new in box, except Infinite Hero; no pin. Chip Foose Deuce Coupe $150 each shipped in the US
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    For Sale Goldbrook 24k Shaun White BNIB

    My first time back to the forum in TOO long. Sadly, I’m clearing out some pieces of my collection, and here is my favorite of it all. Shaun White Holbrook “Goldbrook” FMJ 24k. Never worn, rarely taken out of the box. Plastic sleeves kept on the stems, all original paperwork. Outer box is 9/10 ...
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    Sold Fragment Frogskin Lite (Perfect Condition)

    Hey everyone! I have a pair of Fragment Frogskin Lites, polished black with dark grey lenses! I never wore them so they are in perfect condition! I did get rid of the box but I’ll throw in an eyewear stand with the glasses as well for whoever wants it! Looking for $600 OBO! DM me if you’re...
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    Sold Limited Edition Fragment Frogskin Lite

    Hey Everyone! I’m looking to sell my fragment frogskin lites from 2018! Never wore them, they are in perfect condition!! I don’t have the box unfortunately but I will throw in a glasses stand in case anyone wants it. I’m open to trades as well, just DM me if interested! Price: $150 OBO
  9. Jerome

    Flak 2.0 XL SportRx Limited Edition

    SportRx now has a collaboration with Oakley and released a Flak 2.0 XL in matte carbon with various lens options This one has the Prizm Deep Water Polarized lenses See all the models here Oakley / SportRx Flak 2.0 XL (Limited Edition) They also released a new video on their YouTube channel in...
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    For Sale Chainlink limited edition Ferrari Matte Steel w/ Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale a chainlink ferrari limited edition matte Steel with Black Iridium lenses, the box has spent a lot of time in the drawer of the tower with other boxes on top and it shows, the box is very wrinkled but it is not broken I rated the box in 6/10, glasses perfect all with out any...
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    For Sale Assorted Frogs

    Figured I better move my Frogs over to the Frogskin exchange. Although I have many, I'm definitely not an expert on Frog pricing - if I'm way out on something please let me know. I'll update as things sell and as I list more. Union Jack $275 Old Glory $275 Buy both for $500 Oakley Frogskins...
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    For Sale Many Pairs

    Hello Everyone - I've been listing some stuff recently on the Bay. All prices are in USD and include fees and shipping within North America. Internationally please message me for the shipping cost. The eBay listings will have descriptions/conditions/pictures. Jupiter Squared TLD Matte...
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    Sold Todd Francis EyePatch

    Used Todd Francis Eyepatch One bird Complete in box Box in good shape, just a small fix with tape. Frame 8/10 (there are some light scratches) Lenses 10/10 (Authentic Oakley OEM replacement Lenses) Price USD $280 $200 + Shipping ($60 worldwide)
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    Found Wind Jacket 2.0 STPL Jeff Staple Version

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a dove grey STPL Wind Jacket 2.0 (preferably NIB). If you have one for sale or trade, please let me know. Thanks. Gunn
  15. oneonz

    Fragment Design Frogskins Lite Limited edition

    pollished black and matt black release soon 28.4.2018
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    Buying Ghost Text or History Text sunglasses . . . Gascan, Hijinx, Scapel and so on

    hello community, like the titel says . . . i‘m looking for some Ghost Text or History Text sunglasses: Gascan, Hijinx, Scapel, Straight Jacket or what you are willing to let go. please send me a PM what you have! thank you.... BTW if you have some clothing i need size Large ;)
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    hello OF community, like the titel says - i‘m looking for the MotoGP Spielberg edition! please send me your offers . . .
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    Sold Carbon Fiber Carabiner $300

    selling a LNiB carbon fiber carabiner #280 of 500. Includes inner and outer box and white sleeve. Never used just displayed. Asking $300 USD OBO, PayPal G&S, shipped Priority Mail CONUS. No international shipping or trade request please.
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    hi to all !! Oakley Hijinx Propaganda with Box and Black Bag ! Only 5000 made world wide! rare in this condition ! frame 10/10 lens brand new chrome irridium polarized (walleva) 10 /10 250$ + shipping world wide best regards
  20. cacatman

    🦘The Definitive Oakley Owner's List Page

    Last updated 31st December, 2022 by @cacatman Stop Press If you haven't registered your numbered Juliets or X-metals with the relevant threads as mentioned below, make sure you do that, because there's a company printing fake numbers on X-metal ear stems. See @wwhcxmetal's thread about it...
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    Sold Pre-Ordering Thailand TP12 Frogskins and Holbrooks

    Update: As of Sep 4, 2017 the Pre-Order is Closed. People on the list will received a PM for the down payment as the O Store is requesting to secure the frame. Disclose of Premium set: Have to disclose as we will not be getting the premium set, because those set will be "available Only at the...
  22. The_Darkone

    Oakley MotoGP craziness

    Craziness Oakley has released another MotoGP limited 100 pairs for Spielberg. Are they going to do one for every track? Oakley Sliver™ XL PRIZM™ Spielberg MotoGP™ Limited Edition MATTE BLACK, Prizm Sapphire | Oakley US Store
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    I'm selling my limited edition Murasaki Holbrooks in perfect condition. They come with the original microfiber bag but unfortunately don't have the original box. They will come with a normal oakley box. SOLD IMG 3619 IMG 3621 IMG 3623 IMG 3624 IMG 3626
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    For Sale jamiroquai Split Thump

    Hi I have a pair of jamiroquai Split Thumps for sale. Comes with Glasses, MF bag, earphones in their MF bag and all the cables. Photos of the cables available if required I am asking $250 plus postage which will depend on location, but for outside of the UK normally around $35 Open to...
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    Sold C100 Artist Series Gascans

    Hi, for sale is a pair of C100 Gascans, glasses and MF bag only. Glasses and MF bag are in really good condition. I am asking $300 plus postage which will depend on location, but for outside of the UK normally around $35 Open to reasonable offers, but please no low balls.
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    Sold Storm Trooper kitchen sink.

    275$ SPF . plus shipping in new condition with tags! Fits up to 17'' laptop! Huge space! Great as a carry on. Thanks for checking! No trades pls.
  27. The_Darkone

    4th of July Special Release

    Did everyone order their 4th of July "limited edition" release pair??? Wonder how much these will go for on e-bay, lol Link: Oakley ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Frogskins 4th of July Special Edition in POLISHED WHITE / SAPPHIRE IRIDIUM Brians were much better!!!!!!! @kronin323 @OakleyFrankFMJ
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    Found Carbon Prime Moto GP

    If anyone gets an extra and feels that warm sharing feeling in their heart let me know :D:angel:
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    Sold Oakley SPT Fuel Cell Sunglass SUPER LIMITED

    Here we have a pretty much brand new pair of the Oakley Snow Park Technologies Fuel Cell. 20 Pairs were made for an Oakley party celebrating the National Geographic show "Mountain Movers". The sunglass is a polished black frame with a printed stem, grey polarized lens with the SPT logo etched...
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    Sold Zero Ducati dark grey w/ black iridium LE " box and papers " #SOLD

    Hello all... For sale Zero Ducati dark grey w/ black iridium Limited Edition box and papers, good condition, complete your frame or for your ducati collection. Price $27 #SOLD allin PayPal g&s. Thanks for look.