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  1. Linegear Japan

    part 3 (Final) - LINEGEAR HD lenses are ready for sale!

    Hi all, thank you for waiting and the support. HD lenses are ready to sell. Buy it on our website -> Replacement lenses, rubber parts and tune up for Oakley X-Metal series: Romeo 1, Mars, Juliet, XX X-Metal, Penny, Romeo 2, X-squared as well as Badman & Madman by LINEGEAR Japan Accessing via...
  2. Linegear Japan

    LINEGEAR HD lenses (aka Prizm) is coming, part 1

    Hi all, We have HD lenses coming, aka Prizm. It has the same function and color to Oakley lenses. This is just a quick info. Will update more. Thank you for your patronage. LINEGEAR
  3. Jon the Don

    24K Plates

    Always nice to come home on your lunch break to find a package waiting for you. This time it was from my good friend Kimsan of @Linegear Japan fame. I snapped up some 24K Plates he had for sale and I am running low on service items for my Juliet’s so placed an order for some bits at the same...
  4. Linegear Japan

    LINEGEAR Penny nosepad can be used for Splice

    Just disassemble a Splice frame today, due to its sticky nosepad, we try several of LINEGEAR nosepad, and one finding: LINEGEAR Penny nosepad fits Splice well, both small and large size. See pictures. Hope this is helpful.
  5. Linegear Japan

    LINEGEAR as a Life-time Sponsor on OakleyForum

    Hi O bro and sist, Have you noticed a new badge we've got? Lifetime Sponsor. That is it. See you all around on here, in a life-time. ;) Thank you to @OakleyBoss and admin team for the good cooperation.
  6. Linegear Japan

    Some nice combo of LINEGEAR rubber & lenses for X-Metal - part 1

    I will be posting more pictures from time to time. Feel free to share your own picture of LINEGEAR combination. Juliet Plasma with red rubber and Ruby Clear lenses Lenses: JULIET - Ruby Clear Rubber: Complete rubber set for JULIET Red Penny Plasma with sky blue rubber and Turquoise Blue...
  7. Linegear Japan

    20% OFF - X Metal replacement lenses, rubber & parts

    Here is our Christmas Sale. Available on our website, eBay store and Amazon store. Thank you O bro and sist. Our website: Replacement lenses, rubber parts and tune up for Oakley X-Metal series: Romeo 1, Mars, Juliet, XX X-Metal, Penny, Romeo 2, X-squared as well as Badman & Madman by LINEGEAR...
  8. Linegear Japan

    LINEGEAR etching rubber and lenses - just testing

    A laser machine manufacturer come to us and we asked for some demo. Here are a few sample. Any input? Thanks
  9. Linegear Japan

    START SELLING - R2 replacement rubber by LINEGEAR

    I hope this is a good news to X-Metal fans, especially R2 enthusiasts. Romeo 2 replacement rubber will be ready to sell Nov - Dec. The quality is great. It is tight fit. Component are: earsocks, temple shock (small size only, = oem 15), nosepad in small (15) and large (25). It will be...
  10. Linegear Japan

    LINEGEAR Mini Sale 20% OFF 23 - 26 October, 2017

    Mini Sale 20% OFF for all LINEGEAR products. Starting: 23 - 26 October, 2017 For example: 1. Juliet Red Mirror, 49.99 USD --> 39.99 USD 2. Juliet rubber set, 29.8 USD --> 23.84 USD 3. Flex coupler, 7.5 USD --> 6 USD Please help share to those who might be interested in...
  11. Arno75

    Romeo 1

    Hello I am looking for an exploded view to properly put the Upper gasket on my oakley Romeo 1 I have buy set on linegear Japan but I'm afraid of being mistaken sense More thanks advance for ur help
  12. Linegear Japan

    LINEGEAR Wall of Fame - Testimonials / Kind messages from our customers

    This thread is to pay homage to LINEGEAR Best Customers. I printed screen some of their "thank you" message and post them here. There are more customers out there which I would you like to thanks for your kind messages. The reason we made this is to re-enforced the spirit of good behavior...