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    LINEGEAR Lenses for non X-Metal: what do you want?

    Hi all, Just a quick poll. Since we have received several inquiries from our customers asking for custom cut for their frames (non X-Metal), we'd thought to make a poll and collect more frames name that you want custom cut lenses. Let me now via the poll, or comment, or private message me...
  2. Linegear Japan

    LINEGEAR Wall of Fame - Testimonials / Kind messages from our customers

    This thread is to pay homage to LINEGEAR Best Customers. I printed screen some of their "thank you" message and post them here. There are more customers out there which I would you like to thanks for your kind messages. The reason we made this is to re-enforced the spirit of good behavior...
  3. Linegear Japan

    Fraudulent purchases on Linegear website

    Dear all, Two days already we received "artificially" high orders for lenses from country where we didn't have any big sales history, and same buyer tried to purchase about 100 pair of lenses on the same day, although they were unsuccessful payment. Also judging from the frame the buyer...