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    Sold  London Police Gascan

    Just parting with items I don't wear. These have just been sitting in the box beneath my case. Hopefully someone can get some use out of them. Glasses come with everything seen. $200 shipped.
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    For Sale  NIB London collection fuel cell

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    Sold  Fuel Cell LOCOG 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS

    Fuel Cell LOCOG 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS Preowned 9.5 /10 "Verry lite Swirl marks on frame from cleaning" GLASSES, BOX, BAG, PIN & PAPERWORK INCLUDED (branding sign not included) $OLD International Shipping Available ( Prices Vary Upon Country) "PM me for details" Item will be shipped...
  4. Shade Station

    Manchester Spin Bike Show: Oakley Sunglasses

    Hi all, Hope everyone's been enjoying the sun in the UK and wherever you are in the world! This weekend we showcased our Oakley sunglasses stand at Spin Manchester Bike Show, EVZero was very popular! Here's how we got on...