1. E

    Pit bull oakleys

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for frames for pit bulls. I broke my frames and have prescription lenses. I see they are discontinued. I love these frames, black and am surprised they broke after all the hell I've put them through. Did Oakley come out with a frame that would fit my pit bulls in...
  2. BakedTater

    Buying TwoFace Icons

    Just curious if anyone has any TwoFace icons for sale? I am looking ONLY for polished black icons. *Original Square TwoFace icons. If you have a pair of them and willing to sell them, please message me. Thank you in advance!
  3. D

    Buying Looking for Jupiter Squared Woodgrain

    Hey peeps! I'm looking for the jupiter squared woodgrain for my wife. I thought I might get a better chance here then on the eBay. I found a unopened for $133 on ebay. Can anyone can offer me a better deal new or used? Let me, help you... put money in your pocket for your growing collection...
  4. Buddha Yodie

    Buying Looking for hijinx lenses. mainly gold colour thank you.

    Looking for oakley hijinx lenses. Really after gold colour. Or chrome- mirror style. Looking for good ones please. If they are badly scratched they won't work for me. Thankyou. UK buyer.