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    Buying C wire

    Hello! I am looking for oakley c wire with gunmetal frame and positive red iridium. Also looking alternatively for c wire with emerald iridium. Europe preferred Thanks!
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    Buying Aviators - Intro from Texas

    Hi y’all I’m an avid Oakley fan from Texas. I love me some aviators. I’m on this forum because I am looking for a nice pair of aviators. My last pair was a pair of polarized (the blueish purple) with gold frame feedbacks. I have been looking for a pair of pinkish lenses black frame feedbacks...
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    Pit bull oakleys

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for frames for pit bulls. I broke my frames and have prescription lenses. I see they are discontinued. I love these frames, black and am surprised they broke after all the hell I've put them through. Did Oakley come out with a frame that would fit my pit bulls in...
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    Buying TwoFace Icons

    Just curious if anyone has any TwoFace icons for sale? I am looking ONLY for polished black icons. *Original Square TwoFace icons. If you have a pair of them and willing to sell them, please message me. Thank you in advance!
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    Buying Looking for Jupiter Squared Woodgrain

    Hey peeps! I'm looking for the jupiter squared woodgrain for my wife. I thought I might get a better chance here then on the eBay. I found a unopened for $133 on ebay. Can anyone can offer me a better deal new or used? Let me, help you... put money in your pocket for your growing collection...
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    Buying Looking for hijinx lenses. mainly gold colour thank you.

    Looking for oakley hijinx lenses. Really after gold colour. Or chrome- mirror style. Looking for good ones please. If they are badly scratched they won't work for me. Thankyou. UK buyer.