los angeles

  1. U

    Deal So Cal Collectors where ya at?

    Hey guys, gals and others... I'm a So. Cal native from Huntington Beach, currently living in North O.C. but moving to Phoenix Metro AZ in a few months. If your a local (of either) post here and say hello or message me, I may have some larger items coming available soon. You know the ones that...
  2. OakleyRyan9250

    Watch Battery Replace - LA

    Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well! Does anyone know Of a good jeweler in the Los Angeles area that can replace batteries for Oakley watches? The warranty department at the Oakley factory is still closed and won’t be open anytime soon and my gearbox’s battery is dead and in case my...
  3. Uxi

    Lost my Plasma / Ice Juliets

    Flush with cash after a deployment, I bought these Plasma / Ice Juliets in 2003 from Sunglasses Hut and was in love with them ever since. Had a couple near misses but was able to find them. Now over 10 years later, they've been gone over a month now on an extremely busy day where I was at One...