1. M

    Old Oakley Fan

    Hello all, Long time fan of Oakley’s large sunglasses. Looking to get some replacement parts - specifically new arms for my Eyeshades and lens for my M Frame. Anyone have a good source for authentic lens?
  2. T

    Gen-1 M-Frame Lens In Current M-Frame?

    Like the Blades before these, I have two broken M-Frame frames. These lenses are still in good shape; however. Anyone know if the gen-1 M-Frame lenses will fit in the current generation M-Frame here: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/W0OO9060?variant=700285111629#pdpBazaarVoice ??
  3. U

    Sold  M-Frame / Beater G26 Sweep + Hybrid

    ~SOLD~ G26 Sweep Beater - Right side is pretty clean - Left side has handful of pinhead nicks | Marks are in the line of sight so you'll feel them - imo if orientated to show off the right side could be utilized for display purposes | marks are going to be known so wearing might be troublesome...
  4. U

    Sold  Oakley Mag M-Frame Dark Carbide w/ Black Iridium Hybrid S | NOS unused boxed

    I'm selling a new in box Mag M-Frame on behalf of a friend of mine. This pair was never worn and even not displayed. It was just stored in a drawer right after it was bought a couple of years ago. The only thing I could critisize is some sort of white dust from contact corrossion on one of the...
  5. U

    Sold  M Frame Red Snow Camo Custom

    FMJ Red Snow Camouflaged Custom Red FMJ finish was worn out in spots, went to town with some paint pens to cover up the spots and got a bit carried away, ending up with a red snow camo theme. From 3 feet away they look pretty cool, up close it's not the cleanest job but looks better than the...
  6. U

    Sold  Mag M-Frame lenses ** new old stock

    Hello OF! I have several new, unused and boxed Mag M-Frame lenses for sale. Please check the pictures for reference and lensshape (hybrid, hybrid s, strike, heater) Shipping is SOLD $ worldwide flatrate and comes on top of each order. I ship from central Europe. Delivery can take up to 3 weeks...
  7. Gunn

    Heckler & Koch | Oakley M-Frame with etched lens

    A guy who is working for Heckler & Koch Germany sold me a M-Frame with HK-logo etched lens. I was told they just received a handful of those for employees. So this might be a pretty rare one, I guess. I already asked for more of those but no one of his co-workers wanted to sell his pair...
  8. U

    Sold  M Frame

    M Frame SOLD $100 plus shipping
  9. U

    Trading  Ice Sweep - for - VR28 Blue or G30

    ISO: G30 Iridium Lens - Hybrid Have: Sweep Ice Iridium Lens -Marks on the top part that sits in the bridge -Two faint marks that'd be hidden by the nose piece -No cracks Outright sell @ $60 obo Shipped CONUS via PP G/S FOUND ~VR28 Blue Iridium Heater Cut~
  10. U

    Deal  M-Frame: VR28 Blue, +Red, Ice Iridium

    On the search for some M-Frame lenses VR28 Blue Iridium - New Hybrid | Sweep | Heater | Gen.2 Hybrid G30 Iridium - New Hybrid | Heater Fire Iridium - New Hybrid | Sweep | Heater | Gen.2 Hybrid Polarized Gold Iridium - Heater +Red (FOUND) Ice Iridium (FOUND) Condition wise want it to...
  11. QLR1

    Palace Skateboard M-Frame

    https://www.palaceskateboards.com/range/summer-2018/oakley-mumbo-shades/ Two colors: "Matte Trans Purple" and "Matte Grey Smoke" Is there hope?
  12. U

    For Sale  M Frame Repl Lens and Rubber - bnib

    For sale is two M Frame replacement lenses and an earsock / nosepiece kit. Everything is bnib and unused. Lenses have not been mounted. Price includes shipping US, paypal. Lens 1 - Black Iridium, Hybrid $55 Lens 2 - Persimmon, Strike $35 Earsock / Nosepiece Kit - Black $15 x3 2...
  13. R

    Commemorative set from the 2007 Masters

    Does anyone have any information about this collectible? The kit seems to be missing one other lens. From 2007 Master's Edition release...each lens has "Masters '07" etched on lower left...see pics
  14. B

    Right place wrong time.

    So, I went on to Facebook marketplace about 10 minutes ago. Seen a listing for a pair of NEW* David Duval M frames with box, everything else, and same guy had a pair of R1's, with everything except the coin. (I doubt I'll be able to catch them before next Friday.)(Next Friday's payday) Anyways...
  15. U

    Sold  M-Frame Sweep jet Black w/ slatte Iridium SKU: 09-608 + 2 set of new oem rubbers

    Hi all for sale This awasome BNIB golf M-Frame Sweep jet Black frame with slate Iridium lenses, Is complete And New "made in usa", came with extra new sets of slate and black OEM rubbers. SKU: 09-608 Condition: BNIB All Is 10/10 Price $200 allin Thanks for look
  16. U

    Buying  Magnesium M-Frame Lenses (new or like new only)

    Looking to buy Magnesium M-Frame Lenses in NEW condition Looking for Ice or Gold as a top choice and Fire or Black as a second option... Need them to be in the Hybrid or Heater lens shapes, can't pull off the Hybrid S or Strike. Please contact me with what you have. Thanks!
  17. U

    Buying  M-Frame Lens

    Anybody have any M-Frame len's? Preferably heater lens and not black. PM me ready to buy.
  18. U

    For Sale  Fernando's sales " Consolidate tread " New: All prices drop "

    Welcome to my consolidate sales thread... General Information: Payments in paypal G&S All prices include shipping Worldwide from spain. Additional pictures available upon request. Trades I would consider: Carbon Fiber Money Clip 40 Years Anniversary Book Robotic Store f. Carbon carabine...
  19. U

    Sold  WTS BNIB GOLF New M-Frame Sweep jet Black w/ slatte Iridium sku#09-608

    Hi all for sale This awasome BNIB golf M-Frame Sweep jet Black frame with slate Iridium lenses, Is complete And New "made in usa" i can't say more :) All Is 10/10 Price $270 g&s Allin shipping included Thanks For look.
  20. U

    For Sale  New M-Frame Black frame $100 Allin

    For sale a New M-Frame Black frame Price 100 paypal g&s Shipped with tracking and insurance Thanks For look.
  21. U

    Buying  M-Frames

    Looking for some newer M-Frames with some Heater lens. Let me know what you got?
  22. bennutta


    How's it going my name is Ben, from Texas. I joined this looking for some M-Frames with some Heater lenses. Let me know what you got... I also have a pair of red Oakley Heritage Eyeshades with fire lenses. Let me know if you want to buy or trade.
  23. BenOBrien

    1st Gen M-Frame - Cracks In Frame

    I was wondering what Cracks in the frame, or cracks where the arm connects to the frame, would do to the value of a otherwise mint pair of 1st Gen M-Frames, From what I've seen in past auctions, and from others experience owning these glasses, it is common for them to have cracks in the middle...