m frame 2.0

  1. Oskar.

    Hey, found a pair of oakley m frame gen 2. Can someone help identify if legit and so which gen

    Hey, i found a pair of oakley m frame gen 2 for sale. Been wanting a pair for quite some time. The gen with the "hammerfangs". I found this pair locally which has a sort of shredded carbon fiber frame. With red iridum sweep lenses it looks like. Is this correct and does the frame legit havent...
  2. U

    For Sale  Oakley si Ballistic M Frame 2.0

    Oakley si Ballistic M Frames 2.0 -brand new, never worn, microbag only Black with clear lens -3 pairs $92 shipped, PayPal fees included Black with black lens (not mirrored) -3 pairs $92 shipped, PayPal fees included
  3. C

    I’m cheese!!

    What up what up, I’m cheese20. Nice to meet y’all!! I have a pair of m frame and a pair of flak2.0. I’m looking for replacement icon for the 2.0’s.
  4. HeavyMetalEX1200

    SI Industrial M Frame 2.0 Questions?

    I recently purchased a set of "SI" Industrial M Frame 2.0s with Z87+ stamped clear HDO lenses off of Amazon (Fulfilled/sold by Amazon themselves and listed as an "Amazon's Choice" Item). However, as soon as I got them out of the box a few red flags came up. The box didn't immediately raise any...
  5. I

    Question about Oakley SI older m frames

    I recently bought this m frames and I was wandering about them that these lenses will fit. They seem to be some of the earlier models that don’t have the clip that goes though the top of the Lens. The are still 2.0 m frames maybe the current m frames lenses will work ??? Help !!!!
  6. Dullisc

    New purchases this week

    Finally got my M Frame back. Have been missing us and was sad that I traded it in when I got the M2. Picked up an Oakley money clip cheap with the purchase of the M Frame just cause I like the look of it and as a Christmas gift to myself got the Juliet Carbon from @neill Now to save up for a...
  7. D

    Flak Jacket earsocks on M Frame 2.0?

    Hey yall, I'm an Oakley newbie but I've lurked around a bit and see that this forum has a wealth of knowledge. I recently bought some grey M Frame 2.0s for work (industrial construction). I'm ok with the regular black socks for now, but is there another earsock out there that will work on these...
  8. TacticalSportsGear

    Difference between these Oakley M Frame 2.0 lenses

    I have been researching what the difference is between these two lenses, but no luck so far.... They are both Oakley M Frame 2.0 lenses and the only difference appears to be that one goes back a little farther at the ends. Same fit. Same basic markings. The one that juts back a little...