m frame heater

  1. Jim the Rebel

    Steal of a deal

    Hey everybody, I ended up seeing this ad posted and saw the Juliet's and had to go for it. I'm not a collector of the M frames, but it did look unique. There is a "Made in USA" stamp on the top of the right arm. Looked through O-Review and didn't see anything that matched. I figured I would...
  2. U

    Found  New M frames and/Heater lenses

    Hey OF Show me what you got..for sale. Looking for a Snow/White camo M frame specifically. Just looking for the frame. http://www.o-review.com/database_detail_colorway.php?ID=529&table_name=glasses If anybody has any other new M Frames or Heater lenses they wouldn't mind parting with...
  3. U

    Sold  M frame Metallic Blue

    M frame Metallic Blue with vented gold heater lenses. Frame is in very good condition. Lens has slight hairline scratches here and there, doesn't affect vision though when wearing them. No nosepiece and earsocks. Price: $105 shipped
  4. U

    Sold  M frame Heater Lens

    M frame vented heater lens. Decent condition, not the best condition. Few Hairline scatches here and there. Price: $35 shipped.
  5. U

    Sold  M frame heater red irdium lens

    For sale m frame heater red irdium lens. This lens is very old and has many hairline scratches on the outside of the lens, but not much on the inside of the lens. Price: $27 shipped
  6. U

    Sold  M frame Yellow

    Here is for sale one m frame yellow with ice iridium heater lens. Frame is in good condition, but the lens has some scratches here and there both inside and outside of the lens. No nose piece. Price : 111 USD including shipping.
  7. U

    Found  Rootbeer New M frame (preferably EU)

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a Rootbeer M frame. I'd love to find the polarised heater version like this: http://www.o-review.com/database_detail_colorway.php?ID=1327&table_name=glasses Otherwise, if anybody has a good condition rootbeer frame they wouldn't mind parting with please let me...
  8. U

    Sold  Two M Frame Heater, New - white camo & light blue

    Hello OF for sale two MFrames, the white camo with black iridium lenses is in very good condition, the clear lenses of the light blue one have low cleaning marks nothing disturb the vision is very low, both came with microbags. White camo with black iridium lenses #SOLD Frame 9,9/10 Lenses...
  9. U

    For Sale  M frame Heater Lenses

    Gold Iridium Vented and Grey Heater lenses. Lens condition : Gold Iridium: 8/10 Grey : 7/10 Price 110USD both including shipping. Prefer to sell it as a pair. Grey Heater pic is coming soon. Thanks for looking.
  10. S

    What lens is this

    What lens is this?
  11. U

    Found  Gold Iridium Lenses for Mars

    I’m on the hunt for a set of Gold Iridium lenses or donors to put in a Mars Jordan. Please PM me if you have a set. Doesn’t have to be 10/10. Thank You!
  12. U

    Buying  m frame mumbo blue iridium (grey base) lens

    anyone want to sell an old mumbo blue iridium (grey base) (not the vr28 one)m frame lens?
  13. S

    G26 m frame lens

    is there anyway to get G26 m frames lens..i know it is discontinued..but still where can i get them?
  14. U

    Buying  M Frames

    Looking for some M Frames not Mutombo or M2. PayPal ready, please PM me if you have any available, need them asap.
  15. W

    Walleva lenses for Oakley Fives Squared, M Frame Strike, M Frame Heater and M Frame Hybrid

    Hi guys, just wanna share with you a video of our lenses for the Oakley Fives Squared, M Frame Strike, M Frame Heater and M Frame Hybrid. :cool-33: And below are some pics of the lenses for the Five Squared and the M Frame WL005-BR for Oakley Fives Squared Sunglasses (Walleva Polarized Brown...