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    Sold  1994 2nd Gen M Frames

    400$ O.BO. 1994 2nd Gen M Frames Frame 10/10 Grips: 10/10 Lens: 8/10 ( OEM NTPC ) OEM nose piece included***
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    Buying  Magnesium M-Frame Lenses (new or like new only)

    Looking to buy Magnesium M-Frame Lenses in NEW condition Looking for Ice or Gold as a top choice and Fire or Black as a second option... Need them to be in the Hybrid or Heater lens shapes, can't pull off the Hybrid S or Strike. Please contact me with what you have. Thanks!
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    Greetings from Sweden, Denmark and maybe a military hotspot

    Well should introduce my self. I'm Musse A hapoy fellow that at the moment resides in Sweden and Denmark. I have used Oakleys the last 15yrs or so. At the moment i use A-Frame 2.0 SI and A-Wire, and i prefer at the moment my m-frames for both on the job and at a wedding party even if a a-wire...