m2 sunglasses

  1. U

    Trading  FOR Flak Draft

    I can offer a pair of Polished Black M2 frames w/ Prizm Road XL lenses, fresh yellow socks kit. Lens is nearly flawless, with exception of one minor mark by the bottom corner etching. This pair I'd be up to trading for a pair of complete Flak Draft sunglasses. Flak 2.0 XL bronze...
  2. Kenneth Braendgaard

    Large head: radar EV, M2, etc?

    Hi I use my current Flak Jacket XLJ's for road biking, but I have a rather large head, so they feel pretty tight in the width. Which models would you recommend? I like the design on the Radarlock XL and the radar EV, but I think the M2 is much more comfortable because of its greater width. Is...
  3. Oakley4Life

    Oakley M2 Frame

    It'll be here soon :)