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    Sold  M2 XL - 24k Iridium Lens + Orange Socks

    M2 XL 24k Iridium Replacement Lens + Orange Socks A few light mounting marks up top, as well as one on the bottom left fang otherwise like new. I did not find the tiny mark to post an obstruction to the field of view. In the handful of times I wore these the small bottom mark did not pose an...
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    For Sale  M2 Frame w/ Prizm SWP XL

    Polished Black Frame w/ Prizm Shallow Water Polarized XL Lens $80 Shipped in CONUS Via PP G/S -Minor wear on frame bridge -Black oem socks are fine to use -New oem nose piece -Green Walleva sock are new -Lenses have been worn a handful of times -Only blemishes found are 2 tiny nicks on the...
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    For Sale  M2 Polished Black / BIP XL

    Worn a handful of times Just put on a new nose piece Swapped over carbon wings Icons have a little wear A few pin head sized marks on lens Visual clarity is crisp marks not visible Comes with microfiber baggy Trade for: M2 XL ~ Prizm Trail Lens Jawbreaker ~ Prizm Trail Lens Jawbreaker ~ Prizm...
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    Trading  FOR Flak Draft

    I can offer a pair of Polished Black M2 frames w/ Prizm Road XL lenses, fresh yellow socks kit. Lens is nearly flawless, with exception of one minor mark by the bottom corner etching. This pair I'd be up to trading for a pair of complete Flak Draft sunglasses. Flak 2.0 XL bronze...
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    Trading  or Buying M2 XL Trail, for XL Trail

    Found Prizm Trail Lens Sold Prizm Road XL