magnesium switch

  1. G

    Does anyone know if the Mag switch were ever released WITHOUT "Magnesium" etched into the lens?

    Does anybody know if the Mag Switch were ever released WITHOUT "Magnesium" etched into the lens? I just bought a pair off of eBay for a good price that seller claimed had the etching, but after making payment, he responded and said they don't. Please help!!
  2. U

    Sold Magnesium switch titanium w/ ice

    Hello OF another gem for sale, this time a Magnesium switch titanium frame with ice lenses they are unused but in the frame right orbital have a couple of brands to have it exposed, can see in the pic with the zoom, is very low, apart from that they are perfect and can hardly be seen, the frame...
  3. Teixas

    Magswitch - How to take care

    Whats up guys? I have a almost new Oakley Magswitch and I want to know how to take care of it? I've seen that Its really easy to damage I am just using in days that arent really hot because of sweat, is It really required? lol Any tips, do or dont ? Thanks
  4. U

    Sold Magnesium switch TI/Ice (rough) $55

    $55 Pros: Nosebridge and hinges are tight, lenses are scratch free, it’s cheap Cons: Needs rubbers, some corrosion on the finish all over, spots all over the iridium on the outside Microbag included CONUS shipping included, after that I’ll cover the first $7
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    For Sale Mag Switch Prototype Price Drop

    Up for sale or trade is what is believed to be a prototype pair of Magnesium Switch glasses with Light Blue Oakley lenses which were purchased from ebay. I believe these to be authenticated as per this thread: Mag Switch Prototype? Frame condition is ~8.5/10 with some insignificant marks on...