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    For Sale  New old stock magnesium four plasma with fire lens

    Selling NOS / New Old Stock oakley magnesium four plasma with fire lens Please see all details showing on photos. Only gasket need to replace Been so long stay at my camera drycabinet Sale for USD375 free shipping to asia regional. Rest of the world extra $25 for shipping cost Paymeny by PayPal...
  2. U

    Buying  Mag switch

    Looking to buy a pair of magnesium switch, Im okay if they don’t come with a box. Preferably Dark carbide or titanium. Thanks,
  3. G

    Does anyone know if the Mag switch were ever released WITHOUT "Magnesium" etched into the lens?

    Does anybody know if the Mag Switch were ever released WITHOUT "Magnesium" etched into the lens? I just bought a pair off of eBay for a good price that seller claimed had the etching, but after making payment, he responded and said they don't. Please help!!
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    Sold  Oakley Magnesium Switch & Magnesium Four

    All brand new and never worn, no box, microbag only Mags for Sale -13 pairs of switch left -15 pairs of four left Mag Switch -$210 shipped conus. PayPal fees included Mag Four -$160 shipped conus. PayPal fees included
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    Sold  Oakley Mag M-Frame Dark Carbide w/ Black Iridium Hybrid S | NOS unused boxed

    I'm selling a new in box Mag M-Frame on behalf of a friend of mine. This pair was never worn and even not displayed. It was just stored in a drawer right after it was bought a couple of years ago. The only thing I could critisize is some sort of white dust from contact corrossion on one of the...
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    Sold  Mag M-Frame lenses ** new old stock

    Hello OF! I have several new, unused and boxed Mag M-Frame lenses for sale. Please check the pictures for reference and lensshape (hybrid, hybrid s, strike, heater) Shipping is SOLD $ worldwide flatrate and comes on top of each order. I ship from central Europe. Delivery can take up to 3 weeks...
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    Sold  Magnesium switch TI/Ice (rough) $55

    $55 Pros: Nosebridge and hinges are tight, lenses are scratch free, it’s cheap Cons: Needs rubbers, some corrosion on the finish all over, spots all over the iridium on the outside Microbag included CONUS shipping included, after that I’ll cover the first $7
  8. 2

    Mag M Lens - What is a good price?

    Hi everyone! I've been combing through my Oakley collection and found my old Mag M's but the lens are scratched up. I was looking to buy a new lens but there's not too many options out there. I was looking for a hybrid black iridium. What would you say is a good price for a lens? Please help!
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    Sold  Magnesium switch pearl w/ fire iridium SKU: 03-820

    Hello all, for sale other awesome Mag, the glasses are used , but in very good condition, the frame has signs of wear, lenses and rubbers very good, one size of the nose bridge have little movement, is very little and still very good for use, came with mf-bag only. Condition: USED...
  10. U

    Sold  Magnesium Switch TiCopper / Ice Iridium

    Hi again all :) this magnesium looking for new home, is used but in very good condition, inside the nose bridge have little bubbles, but is low and can see wen you wear the glasses, see the pics, lenses perfect out scratchers, the rubbers in very good condition, came with bag only...
  11. U

    Sold  Bnib mag 4S plasma w/ fire

    hello again other one for sale this time mag 4s plasma in perfect condition, came complete. Lenses 10/10 Frame 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Price: $175 #SOLD allin Payment in PayPal g&s, fees and shipping with tracking and total insurance included. Thanks for look.
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    Sold  Magnesium M Frame Array-Dark Carbide+Fire+G30

    For sale is a Magnesium M Frame Array. All pieces are Oakley and bought in the Forum, no boxes. LNIB only because I did not buy new and together. They have not been worn, the springs are vibrant and I cannot find a flaw anywhere. Price is $sold delivered US. Paypal only, and thanks for...
  13. krpeterson93

    Mag Switch Titanium/Ice - NOSE PIECE

    HELP! IN SEARCH OF replacement nose piece for my husbands Mag Switch Titanium . HELP!
  14. U

    Buying  Magnesium M-Frame Lenses (new or like new only)

    Looking to buy Magnesium M-Frame Lenses in NEW condition Looking for Ice or Gold as a top choice and Fire or Black as a second option... Need them to be in the Hybrid or Heater lens shapes, can't pull off the Hybrid S or Strike. Please contact me with what you have. Thanks!
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    Sold  Magnesium Array - Denim Blue / 3 lenses BNIB

    09-224, with production limited, this came out 14 years ago in 2002. This Magnesium Blue Denim Frame is lightweight and strong. The Black Iridium is the original and is in the array. The other 2 lenses are new, and the glasses look near perfect. The VR28 lens is currently mounted. Very...
  16. AndersonBR

    My small O' collection

    Hello, here is my small collection of sunglasses, where I live in Brazil is very hard to find rare sunglasses, and the cost is too high to have a large collection. Magnesium m frame w/ Hybrid s Black Iridium Zero .4 w/ Platinum Emerald
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    For Sale  Magnesium switch ti copper/ ice

    selling my good condition Mag switch with good to mint condition Ice iridium lens, nosebridge is tight like new and i would rate the lens for 9.5/10 and the frame is 9/10 because of some minor marking on the earstem, i believe it wasnt a corrosion, its been like that when i bought it. this has...
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    Sold  BNIB Magnesium four plasma frame w/ Fire Iridium #SOLD

    Hi O-family For sale this Magnesium four BNIB condition, all is 10/10 plasma frame with Fire lenses, i can't say nothing more :) Price 200 usd shipping no included f&f or buyer asume The feeds Thanks for look.
  19. ProjectCM3

    My Collection So Far

    Hi fellow O brethren! Below is my humble collection. For me it all started with the Juliet from back in the day. I've laid low for a long period of time, however back in 2013 I purchased the Crosshair which are my daily wears. It's just recently that I got back into collecting. The Badman I got...
  20. U

    For Sale  Oakley Collection

    PRICE DROP- Need the CASH! Well it's time to get rid of my collection. Here is the list of what I have and what I am trying to get for them. All prices include standard shipping via UPS ground- tracking will be included. US shipping included. Any other locations are an additional fee. The...
  21. xmetalfreak

    Magnesium M Frame Sunglasses

    just arrived. oakley magnesium m frame. but the lenses are broken and need to be replaced. does anyone here willing to sell an extra lens for the mag m frame? by the way, i bought this for $55 shipped.