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    Sold  Oakley Magnesium Switch & Magnesium Four

    All brand new and never worn, no box, microbag only Mags for Sale -13 pairs of switch left -15 pairs of four left Mag Switch -$210 shipped conus. PayPal fees included Mag Four -$160 shipped conus. PayPal fees included
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    Sold  Magnesium M Frame Array-Dark Carbide+Fire+G30

    For sale is a Magnesium M Frame Array. All pieces are Oakley and bought in the Forum, no boxes. LNIB only because I did not buy new and together. They have not been worn, the springs are vibrant and I cannot find a flaw anywhere. Price is $sold delivered US. Paypal only, and thanks for...
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    Sold  Magnesium Array - Denim Blue / 3 lenses BNIB

    09-224, with production limited, this came out 14 years ago in 2002. This Magnesium Blue Denim Frame is lightweight and strong. The Black Iridium is the original and is in the array. The other 2 lenses are new, and the glasses look near perfect. The VR28 lens is currently mounted. Very...