1. Josue Ramirez

    For Sale Oakleys for sale Bulk great price.

    1. 9377-0155 holbrookrndmatteblk 2. 9382-0160 crosrngepatchshinyblk 3. 9360-0158 CrossrangeXL shinyblk 4. 9135-25 Jupitersquaredmate black 6. 9189-03 two face dark bronze 7. 9189-02 two face silver metal 9. 9361-0157 Crossrange shinyblk 10. 9262-28 Sliver black shiny motogp 13. 4119-0158 Elmont...
  2. BoostBear

    Deal Blacked Out Mainlink w/ FIP + PDP

    These don't get much love these days, will offer package deal for the 3 left. Open to trade offers - If you need additional photos of any of them just ask. TRADED - Mainlink Ink Grey w/ FIP + Prizm Daily Polar ~ Excellent Condition minimal hairline scratch lines - Frames have had the...
  3. Soul providers

    Mainlink or Straightlink - which fits better

    Mainlink or Straightlink - which one fits better? I know mainlink is 6 base where straightlink is 8.75 base. I am not familiar with 6 base lenses because most of my Oakleys are 8 base Oakleys, but i really like the colour and the look of sapphire fade mainlink. I can not try it at the store...
  4. sunglassfiend

    Oakley Mainlink - Prizm Phillip Island MotoGP

    Just saw these Oakley Mainlink Prizm Phillip Island MotoGP Limited Edition Sunglasses coming out - 200 pairs total. What does everyone think of these? I'm enjoying the frame/lens combo. Oakley Mainlink™ PRIZM™ Phillip Island MotoGP™ Limited Edition POLISHED CLEAR, Prizm Ruby | Oakley US Store
  5. Dieselnewt

    For Sale Chainlink and Mainlink lenses!

    5. Chainlink Gray Polarized- These have a tiny scratch on the left lense out of sight. It is very minimal.9/10 $65 4. Chainlink Bronze Polarized- These are perfect. Never used.10/10 $70 1. Chainlink Ice Iridium- These are perfect. Never used. 10/10 $55 2. Chainlink Jade Iridium- these are...
  6. Dieselnewt

    Trading Chainlink lenses for polished Root beer Chainlink frames

    I have a high prescription that Oakley cannot fill, so I have a few sets of Chainlink lenses I'd like to trade, or work out some type of partial trade deal on for a complete polished Rootbeer frame. I've got a set of Ice Iridium lenses, a set of Grey polarized, a set of Jade Iridium, and a set...
  7. crgonyar

    Buying Masters Edition Mainlink or Carbon Blade

    looking for a reasonably price pair of masters edition mainlinks and/or carbon blades. Also, Pinehurst exclusive flak jackets (or any other models produced?). Jupiter Squared matte black with jade polarized (sunglass hut exclusives). I keep an eye on eBay, but the prices are clearly high...
  8. crgonyar

    Oakley Stash

    Here's a sample of my collection... I have a few "keepers" but always selling, trading, buying! I live a couple of miles from a vault which... "helps"
  9. Foldupcup

    For Sale BNIB Mainlink grey ink with sapphire iridium

    Hey everyone! Got a BNIB mainlink with sapphire iridium. SKU - OO9264-03 Asking 90 shipped with PayPal Retail 150 Let me know if you have any questions
  10. Foldupcup

    For Sale BNIB Mainlink matte black w/ prism tungsten lenses

    Hey everyone. Selling a BNIB main link with the new prism tungsten lenses Asking 140 shipped with PayPal Retail for 200 Let me know if you have any questions!
  11. Rotorhead

    Sold New Prizm Blk Pol / Mainlink drop to $100

    For Sale is a Holbrook and Mainlink Black Prizm, all brand new. Both pair: SKU: OO9102-D655 / SKU: OO9264-2757, retail is $180 / $200 Frame: Matte Black Lens: Prizm Black Polarized Includes: Original boxes, papers, MF bag, all mint Holbrook - $120 SOLD Mainlink - $120 $100 Paypal Delivered...
  12. D

    Opinions on grey Woodgrain vs. Matte Tortoise for casual everyday wear

    I just bought a pair of Prizm Daily Shiny Black Mainlinks (with swapped Asian Fit Triggerman nosepads) that fit my face well. I want to buy a more casual looking pair of Mainlinks for everyday all purpose beaters. (ie. grocery shopping, errands, dog walking in the park, etc) I'm deciding between...