1. U

    For Sale Oakleys for sale Bulk great price.

    1. 9377-0155 holbrookrndmatteblk 2. 9382-0160 crosrngepatchshinyblk 3. 9360-0158 CrossrangeXL shinyblk 4. 9135-25 Jupitersquaredmate black 6. 9189-03 two face dark bronze 7. 9189-02 two face silver metal 9. 9361-0157 Crossrange shinyblk 10. 9262-28 Sliver black shiny motogp 13. 4119-0158 Elmont...
  2. U

    Deal Blacked Out Mainlink w/ FIP + PDP

    These don't get much love these days, will offer package deal for the 3 left. Open to trade offers - If you need additional photos of any of them just ask. TRADED - Mainlink Ink Grey w/ FIP + Prizm Daily Polar ~ Excellent Condition minimal hairline scratch lines - Frames have had the...
  3. S

    Mainlink or Straightlink - which fits better

    Mainlink or Straightlink - which one fits better? I know mainlink is 6 base where straightlink is 8.75 base. I am not familiar with 6 base lenses because most of my Oakleys are 8 base Oakleys, but i really like the colour and the look of sapphire fade mainlink. I can not try it at the store...
  4. sunglassfiend

    Oakley Mainlink - Prizm Phillip Island MotoGP

    Just saw these Oakley Mainlink Prizm Phillip Island MotoGP Limited Edition Sunglasses coming out - 200 pairs total. What does everyone think of these? I'm enjoying the frame/lens combo. Oakley Mainlink™ PRIZM™ Phillip Island MotoGP™ Limited Edition POLISHED CLEAR, Prizm Ruby | Oakley US Store
  5. U

    For Sale Chainlink and Mainlink lenses!

    5. Chainlink Gray Polarized- These have a tiny scratch on the left lense out of sight. It is very minimal.9/10 $65 4. Chainlink Bronze Polarized- These are perfect. Never used.10/10 $70 1. Chainlink Ice Iridium- These are perfect. Never used. 10/10 $55 2. Chainlink Jade Iridium- these are...
  6. U

    Trading Chainlink lenses for polished Root beer Chainlink frames

    I have a high prescription that Oakley cannot fill, so I have a few sets of Chainlink lenses I'd like to trade, or work out some type of partial trade deal on for a complete polished Rootbeer frame. I've got a set of Ice Iridium lenses, a set of Grey polarized, a set of Jade Iridium, and a set...
  7. U

    Buying Masters Edition Mainlink or Carbon Blade

    looking for a reasonably price pair of masters edition mainlinks and/or carbon blades. Also, Pinehurst exclusive flak jackets (or any other models produced?). Jupiter Squared matte black with jade polarized (sunglass hut exclusives). I keep an eye on eBay, but the prices are clearly high...
  8. crgonyar

    Oakley Stash

    Here's a sample of my collection... I have a few "keepers" but always selling, trading, buying! I live a couple of miles from a vault which... "helps"
  9. U

    For Sale BNIB Mainlink grey ink with sapphire iridium

    Hey everyone! Got a BNIB mainlink with sapphire iridium. SKU - OO9264-03 Asking 90 shipped with PayPal Retail 150 Let me know if you have any questions
  10. U

    For Sale BNIB Mainlink matte black w/ prism tungsten lenses

    Hey everyone. Selling a BNIB main link with the new prism tungsten lenses Asking 140 shipped with PayPal Retail for 200 Let me know if you have any questions!
  11. U

    Sold New Prizm Blk Pol / Mainlink drop to $100

    For Sale is a Holbrook and Mainlink Black Prizm, all brand new. Both pair: SKU: OO9102-D655 / SKU: OO9264-2757, retail is $180 / $200 Frame: Matte Black Lens: Prizm Black Polarized Includes: Original boxes, papers, MF bag, all mint Holbrook - $120 SOLD Mainlink - $120 $100 Paypal Delivered...
  12. D

    Opinions on grey Woodgrain vs. Matte Tortoise for casual everyday wear

    I just bought a pair of Prizm Daily Shiny Black Mainlinks (with swapped Asian Fit Triggerman nosepads) that fit my face well. I want to buy a more casual looking pair of Mainlinks for everyday all purpose beaters. (ie. grocery shopping, errands, dog walking in the park, etc) I'm deciding between...